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Q: Have any NFL players served in the military before college?
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Was Calvin Coolidge in the military?

Calvin Coolidge never served in the military. He attended Amherst College straight out of high school. After college he began and law apprenticeship before opening his own firm. He was a country lawyer through the rest of his political career.

What was James a Garfield's occupation before he was president?

Garfield taught l in high school and college and served a a college president. He studied law and became a lawyer before he ran for office. He served in Congress before he was President.

How many NFL stars have served in the military?

While many NFL players have served in the military, exact numbers are difficult to determine. Some notable examples include former players Roger Staubach and Pat Tillman, as well as current player Alejandro Villanueva. These players have demonstrated a strong commitment to their country both on the field and in uniform.

How many years of college to veteran have to do?

They don't have to do any years. A veteran is a person who has served in the military and college isn't required. If they want a profession they do need to attend college to get the degree appropriate for the profession.

The rules to move in to a model tenement were very strict. which would not have been one of those rules?

Answer this question… Have served in the American military Have served in the American military

Will the military coast guard pay for your college?

People who serve in the Coast Guard receive the same GI Bill benefits as members who served in any other branch of the military.

What purpose of government is served by military?

Protection is the purpose of government served by military forces.

What is a military vet?

Someone who has served in the military.

Does it mean you served time for the military if you were a civilian contractor overseas?

Certainly the individual served time FOR the military; but didn't serve IN the military.

What percentage of UK population has served in the military?

There is no mandatory military service in the United Kingdom. In the UK, roughly 1 percent of the population has served in the military.

Can you be a Veteran if served during peacetime?

Any person that has served their country IN the US military forces honorably; is a military veteran. Civilian contractors working for the military are NOT military vets.

Does a president have to have served in the military to be president?