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Yes, for centuries, both in the original Hebrew and in translation. This scholarship ranges from religious commentary (such as Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan's recent "The Living Torah," which applies original modern research to the Tanakh), to "Bible-Criticism," and everything in between.

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Q: Have the Hebrew Scriptures been exposed to modern scholarship?
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Why the Hebrew Sciptures so important to the Christian Scriptures?

Hebrew scriptures are continued in Christianity. One segment of modern Hebrews are formed by the Christians.

What is the Hebrew translation for 'Biblical Children'?

There is no Hebrew word that means "Biblical". The Jewish scriptures are identified in Hebrew by an acronym: Tanakh (תנ״ך) Which just stands for the three parts of the Hebrew Bible (Torah, Neviim, Ktuvim). In Modern Hebrew, you can take this acronym and turn it into an adjective: Tanachee (תנכי). So a modern Hebrew phrase for Biblical children could be: baneem Tanacheem ( בנים תנכים)

How do you say little dragon in Hebrew?

There is no actual Hebrew word that means "devil". Modern Hebrew translates this word as rasha (רשע) "an evil one" or deh-mohn (דמון) which is just the word "demon" borrowed from English. The Hebrew word Satan (שטן) does not mean "devil". It actually means opponent or adversary, and there is nothing in Hebrew scriptures that link Satan with our modern concept of a devil.

When was the Hebrew Bible composed?

Conservative estimates say it was written between 1300 BCE and 300 BCE. Modern scholarship suggestes that it was an oral tradition until around 1000 BCE.

Why is it important for a young Jewish boy to learn Hebrew?

It is important for both Jewish boys and Jewish girls to learn Hebrew. Hebrew is the language used for Jewish prayers and scriptures. Being able to read Hebrew will allow him to take part in Jewish prayer services. Modern Hebrew is the language used in Israel - which is the center of Jewish spiritual and cultural life.

When was the Hebrew Bible committed to print?

There are different estimates. The Traditional answer is the Torah was first written down around 1300 BCE, but modern scholarship suggests it was still an oral tradition until centuries later.

What was the first written Hebrew document?

The earliest known inscription in Hebrew is the Khirbet Qeiyafa Inscription, from about the 11th century BCE.The oldest complete Hebrew document is the book of Genesis, called Bereshit (בראשית) in Hebrew. It's exact date is unknown. Jewish tradition places it at about 1280 BCE, whereas modern scholarship indicates it may have been an oral tradition until the time of King David, 1000 BCE.

How do you say 'I am David' in modern Hebrew?

I am David = shmee dah-VEED (שמי דוד)(it's the same in both Ancient Hebrew and Modern Hebrew, only in Modern Hebrew, the name david is more likely to be stressed on the first syllable).

When was The Modern Hebrew Poem Itself created?

"The Modern Hebrew Poem Itself" was created by Mikhail Krutikov and Hana Wirth-Nesher and was published in 2003.

What year was Hebrew theater discovered?

There is no tradition of Hebrew theater, other than modern Hebrew theater, which began in Israel, around the year 1900.There is no tradition of Hebrew theater, other than modern Hebrew theater, which began in Israel, around the year 1900.

What is the Hebrew word for beautify?

Yipah (יפה) This word is the same in both Biblical Hebrew and Modern Hebrew.

How do you write Ryan in ancient Hebrew?

Ryan is ראין in both ancient Hebrew and Modern Hebrew.