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Through its history, and particularly between the troubles that ran from the late 1960s to the late 1990s, there have been many terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland, though it is not a problem in modern times.

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Q: Have there been terrorist attacks in Northern Ireland?
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When were the terrorist attacks?

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What was the terrorist group of Northern Ireland that has wanted Ulster to unite with Ireland?

There have been a number of them, with the main being the IRA (Irish Republican Army).

What is the protestant terrorist group whose main goal is to rid Ireland of catholics?

The largest Protestant paramilitary/terrorist group throughout "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland has been the Ulster Defense Association (sometimes it operated under the moniker Ulster Freedom Fighters). It was formed in 1971 and continued operations (i.e. attacks) up until the 2007 agreement. However, the earlier Ulster Volunteer Force, formed in 1965, was far more deadly in its attacks - roughly twice as many people were killed by the UVF as the UDA/UFF. Neither group (nor any other substantially-sized Protestant group during The Troubles) sought to rid Ireland of Catholics. Instead, both were formed to keep the existing Eire/Northern Ireland split permanent (i.e. to oppose any unification of mostly-Catholic Eire with mostly-Protestant Northern Ireland). In general, they were not specifically purposed with ridding even just Northern Ireland of Catholics. However, they showed no problems with helping oppress Northern Ireland Catholics, and were intent on preventing them from achieving any real political power in Northern Ireland. And, obviously, the vast majority of both groups' victims were Catholic.

What year was the terrorist attack in the US?

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Which country experienced fighting between Catholics and Protestants for nearly 40. Years?

Northern Ireland:This was in the province of Northern Ireland, a few counties that belong to the United Kingdom but are part of the mainland that contains the republic of Ireland. Troubles started in the 1960s but had been simmering for decades. The Catholic Irish Republican Army (the IRA) were seen by Catholics as freedom fighters wishing a united Ireland and British rule of the north removed, but were, by the Protestants of Northern Ireland, seen as terrorist criminals. As a result of their vision, they became a terrorist organisation who maintained a bombing campaign on the mainland of Britain as well as in Ireland itself. Hundreds died in the terrorist attacks - one of which was an attack on the government of Margaret Thatcher, prime minister at the time, by a bombing of the hotel where she and the government were staying in Brighton during a party conference. Thatcher escaped, but many were killed or injured, including cabinet minister Norman Tebbitt, whose wife was so severely injured that she never walked again. In retaliation Protestant groups loyal to the Queen (the 'Loyalists') planned an equally evil terrorist campaign against Catholics where tit-for-tat murders were commonplace. It wasn't until the Millemmium that saw peace at last in Northern Ireland in the 'Good Friday Agreement' tabled and drawn up by the late Mo Mowlam, Secretary of State for Northern Ireland at the time. Thanks to this agreement both sides laid down their weapons and talks began. Although there are still occasional skirmishes in the province, the government of Northern Ireland now consists of both sides of the terrorist war sitting together, making decisions for the province, in peace.

Is Northern Ireland ruled by France?

No, Northern Ireland is not and never has been ruled by France.

How long has Northern Ireland been part of England for?

Northern Ireland has never been part of Britain. Britain is an island which consists of England, Scotland and Wales. Northern Ireland is on the neighbouring island of Ireland. What you are confusing is the United Kingdom, which consists of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland came into existence after 1921 and since then it has been a part of the United Kingdom.

Is the fighting in Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland?

Neither. There is peace in Ireland now. The troubles are largely over but would have been in Northern Ireland.

Is Egypt peaceful?

At the moment, yes. There have been terrorist attacks in recent years, as there have been in many countries of the world.

Who is the IRA?

In Ireland, the IRA is the Irish Republican Army, a terrorist organisation that was active in Ireland throughout the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Their aim was to remove British rule from all of Ireland and make it totally independent by rejoining Northern Ireland with the Republic of Ireland to make a united Ireland. Historically there have been other organisations that have used that name, or use names similar to it.

How many shark attacks happened in Europe?

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How do you get a car from England registered in northern Ireland?

i bought a car in northern Ireland that is now due mot but have found out that the car has not been registered in northern Ireland still registered in England