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Have you got a PS3?

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Yes. We own one!

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What should you get for Christmas xbox 360 or ps3?

get a PS3 I've got 2 PS3's and I've got to say that it's much better than XBOX so get a PS3

Why cant you go online on a ps3 at the moment?

ps3 got hacked.

Can you get MW3 background on your PS3 menu?

Just got to the number 1 resources for ps3 themes on google on your ps3 system

Best graphics in xbox 360 or PS3?

The xbox 360 has got the reality of the game so is the ps3. But if we talk about the best graphics, I am going with ps3, it's got blu-ray for all the games it got. The ps3 hasn't got many games for it. But for xbox 360 it's got forza 3, halo3, halo wars, and halo reach is coming soon in September 2010. For ps3 the only best game I think is Uncharted 2 and 3. But finally If we talk about everything instead of just graphics, I think Ps3 is the best.

Does Justin Bieber got a ps3?

yes, he does.

How do you download maps onto minecraft ps3?

i just got minecraft on ps3 and I am wondering how to get maps

Why is DAH3 only in Europe for PS3?

its not only on ps3 it is on xbox 360 too ive got it it came out in feb 8th its not only on ps3 it is on xbox 360 too ive got it it came out in feb 8th

What do you need for PS3 wired online?

i got my enternal cable connected to my ps3 to my laptop but still the ps3 dose not pick up the online

What has better live Xbox 360 of ps3?

iv got an xbox 360 but i think ps3 is better.

Is dynasty warriors 5 empires compatible with ps3?

only if you have the ps3 version got be backwards compatible

How do you set up a bigben interactive usb controller to a ps3 if you havent got a dongle?

It's not for the PS3

Can you play jak and daxter ps2 on the PS3?

if you got a ps3 slim no you cant if you have an older version of the ps3 it has to be 60gb or 80gb to play ps2 games

Does a PS3 got bluetooth?

Yes they use it on the controllers

Do PS3 games from UK and US work in Ireland?

ps3 only works where ever you got it from example if i got a ps3 from Edmonton then it would work but if you go to red deer it can work you need to go to places that arent that far.

How do you connect your PS3 controller to your PS3 that was in repair?

I think that there's a cable that you can connect the PS3 controller when I first got mine I used it to charge the remote that might work

Does all ps3 consoles got blu ray?


How do you get outside the house on zombie mode on ps3?

you got to hack it

What to do when Skyrim doesn't work for ps3?

hope you got the warrantee

Can you trade a xbox 360 for a PS3?

at gamestop u can sell it to them then u can buy a ps3 4 the money u got

How do you fix a PS3 game console if it won't read games?

Go to were you got your ps3 and tell them your problem and ask them to fix it

What do you lose if you restore PS3 data on your PS3 coz your PS3 is up the tree?

im so sorry but im afraid you lose everything... it will think you just got it out of the box

What is the cheaptest PS3?

Well i believe eBay is your answer because i got my ps3 by eBay for £168 with 3 games but check before you buy/bid or otherwise the newest ps3 :P

I have got up to a certain level on call of duty online and I want to get a new ps3 will you have to start again?

No as the level is connected to your ps3 account and you can use the account on any ps3

How much money did the hackers got from the PS3 network?

No one even said they got any money

Where shall you buy your ps3 from will i buy from argos or from online?

A Sony centre sell the best quality Playstations, but I got my PS3 from Zavvi.

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