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Nick Saban is the head coach at Alabama, and Gene Chizik is the head coach at Auburn. (sep.29 2010)

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Q: Head coach at both Alabama and auburn?
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Who is the current auburn football coach?

The Head Coach at Auburn University is the one and only...Gene Chizik....his profile is he was a defensive coordinator at UCF, SFA ,AU,and UT. He has been the head coach for both ISU and AU! Go tigers! :)

What kind of color is auburn?

1. a hair color 2. A city in Alabama 3. A university- Auburn Universtiy 4. A city in both California and Alabama

Who coached both at auburn and Alabama?

G.H. Harvey

Have Auburn and Alabama both been undefeated when they played each other?

Only twice in history: 1) 1994 - Alabama was 10-0-0 and Auburn was 8-0-1. Alabama defeated Auburn 21-14. 2) 1971 - Alabama was 10-0-0 and Auburn was 9-0-0. Alabama defeated Auburn 31-7.

What is the highest iron bowl score in football?

For both teams, 75 points in 1969 when Auburn defeated Alabama 49-26. For one team, 55 points by Alabama in 1948 when they defeated Auburn 55-0.

Did Bear Bryant ever beat the University of Alabama as a coach for another school?

No. Prior to taking over at the University of Alabama, Bear Bryant was the head coach of the University of Maryland (1945), University of Kentucky (1946-1953), and Texas A&M (1954-1957). Bryant coached teams against Alabama twice, both as head coach of Kentucky. On October 19, 1946 Kentucky lost 21-7 and on November 1, 1947 Kentucky lost 13-0.

How many men have been the head coach of BOTH the Colts and the Saints?

Rick Venturi was the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts during the 1991 season. He took over as the New Orleans Saints' interim coach during the 1996 season.

Does the falcon's head coach look like Steve Martin?

Well, they both have white hair.

What college football coach won a national championship at two different schools?

Through Super Bowl XLII, there have been five head coaches to coach two different teams to a Super Bowl (Don Shula, Mike Holmgren, Bill Parcells, Dick Vermeil, Dan Reeves) but there has not been a head coach that has won a Super Bowl with two different teams.

How can Alabama still get a shot at the national championship?

Yes. Only if FSU loses to Duke in the ACC Championship game and Ohio State loses to Michigan State. Alabama should be #4 in tomorrows BCS Standings. So if Auburn beats Mizzou in the SEC Championship, and FSU and OSU both lose, we could possibly see a Alabama vs. Auburn BCS title game. Bama just needs alot of help. But....stranger things have happend.......

Why does the university of Alabama have 2 mascots?

Auburn University does not have two mascots. The mascot of AU is Aubie the tiger. AU's battle cry is "War Eagle!" There are multiple stories as to why Auburn fans yell "War Eagle," and they are easily found both on Auburn University's website and around the web.

In what Super Bowl were there two African American head coaches?

On February 4, 2007, Super Bowl XLI (41) was the first where both head coaches were black. Tony Dungy was the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, and Lovie Smith was the head coach of the Chicago Bears. The Colts won the game 29-17 to make Tony Dungy the first black head coach to win an NFL Super Bowl.