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Head loss in a pipe?


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September 28, 2010 11:02PM

when a pump is used to pump a fluid into a vertically arranged pipe , fixed upright; the fluid would reach a certain height at which point the fluid would stop

in a pipe.

this height at which the fluid has stopped propelling upward could be described as

the head of water.

this measure relates to the pump power .

should a pipe system be used which is less than the head height then fluid will be seen to flow out and over the side of pipe.

if the connecting pipe happens to be of longer measurement than the head, and hence when fixed at height is taller than the head height then the fluid will not likely be seen flowing out of pipe .

if a pump is mounted within a basement of work hall, but the resulting pressure is utilised on the ground floor of same building then some pressure will be lost when pumping upwards , and could be described as head loss.