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21 centimetre's, that was scientifically found

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Q: Height of under 12 basketball ring?
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Height of pba ring in basketball?

the height is 12-13 foot

Did the height of the basketball net from the ground baskertball net change from 12 feet to 10 feet or 10 feet to 12 feet?

Did the height of the basketball net from the ground change from 12 feet to 10 feet or from 10 feet to 12 feet Did the height of the basketball net from the ground change from 12 feet to 10 feet or from 10 feet to 12 feet

What is the average height of a 12-year-old basketball player?

Basketball players should be taller, so I would say about 63 inches.

What is the average height of a papillion?


What height should basketball hoops be for 12 year olds?

A 12 year old should use a regulation basketball hoop. You do not want your 12 year old to get use to a shorter hoop. A standard hoop is 10 feet high.

What is the height of a girls 12 an under volleyball net?

6'6 3/4"

Is 85 pounds under weight for a 12 year old girl?

It depends on your height. I am also a 12 year old girl, my height is 5'3" and i weigh 85 pounds. For my height, 85 pounds is healthy.

What height of basketball net should a 12 year old be playing on?

10 ft.... you sould of been on that since age 10

What is the height of the score hoop in youth basketball court?

10 feet is for adult, what about for 8 years , 10 years, 12 years?

How much time is a quarter in basketball?


What is the height of a netball post for u12?

The hieght for a normal hoop for under 12 is 10 ft

What is the official height of high school basketball goal?

the offical height is 10 feet but outside school and stuff raise them to 11 and 12 feet so no one will dunk and bend the rim

Is 89 pounds underweight for a 12-year-old?

If you're under 5"2' then you are not underweight. It matters on your height, too. Well yeah. I am also 12. I weigh the same. i thought i was underweight, but realized it all depends on height. I am 5.7ft. Somebody my height is supposed to weigh 120. so I am underweight. What Height are you? If your 5.1-5.3ft your NOT under weight, Got It, Get it, Good.

What are the ball regulations in basketball?

Generally, boys' 12 and under use a womens basketball of 28.5 inches. At 13, boys' use the regulation size ball of 29.5 inches.

When was Makhtar N'Diaye - basketball - born?

Makhtar N'Diaye - basketball - was born on 1973-12-12.

When was Mike Anderson - basketball - born?

Mike Anderson - basketball - was born on 1959-12-12.

When was Greg Lee - basketball - born?

Greg Lee - basketball - was born on 1951-12-12.

What is the size of a basketball for men's basketball in inches?

12 in diameter

What is a good basketball name for a 12 and under AAU team with the colors lime green and purple?

The City Name... Hulks

What is the average 12 yearolds height?

i am 13 and of average height. when i was 12 i was about 150cm ish

The number of basketball players playing on the USA basketball team?


Weight and height for a small 12 year old?

I am 12 and i am 4 feet and almost 5 inches. I weigh 68 pounds. This is under average by alot.

What is the average 12 year olds height?

The average height for a 12 year old will depend on several things such as genetics. Many 12 year old are between 4'5" in height up to 5'5" in height.

In his physics class, Mario discovered the height, h, in feet of a bouncing basketball after b bounces is given by the formula:h= 12(2/3)^b What is the height of the ball after 3 bounces Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a foot.?

3.5 feet

When was Take This Ring created?

Take This Ring was created in 2005-12.