High in compound word

Updated: 9/16/2023
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  • highway
  • highlight
  • highpoint
  • highboy
  • highball
  • highbrow
  • highland
  • highlighter
  • hightail
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Q: High in compound word
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What is a word that when combined with high spot and head makes a compound word?


What word could form a compound word with high spot head?


What is a compound word with a space and the word jack?

high jack phone jack

Is high-traffic one word or two?

High-traffic is typically considered as a compound word, so it is written as one word.

What noun can be formed from the word high?

The word high is a noun; a word for a high place, a high level; a state of altered consciousness induced by alcohol or narcotics.The noun form for the adjective high is highness.Some compound nouns with high:highballhighboyhighchairhighlandhigh-lifehighlighthighwayhighwayman

Is high school a concrete noun or an abstract noun?

The compound noun 'high school' is a concrete noun as a word for a building that houses grades 9 - 12 (in the US); a word for a physical thing.The compound noun 'high school' is an abstract noun as a word for any of the grade levels 9 - 12 (in the US); a word for a concept.

Is the word building a compound word?

No It's not a compound word

Is important a compound word?

No, important is not a compound word.

Is upward a compound word?

Upwards is a compound word.

What is the compound word in this sentence What is the compound word in this sentence?

There is no compound word.A compound word is a word like bus-stop.Husban is spelt like this husband

Is the word upstairs a compound word?

Upstairs is a compound word, so it is one word.

Is the word railroad a compound word?

No it is not a compound word