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Hinge fracture of skull is a basilar fracture of skull involving middle cranial fossa & pituitary fossa dividing the base of the skull into an anterior and posterior segments. Its associated with blows to the chin as sustained by boxers or motorcyclists who fall on the road surface striking the chin

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2010-10-10 11:16:18
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Q: Hinge fracture of skull is seen in accidents involving?
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A common type of skull fracture?

depressed fracture

What bones are affected in a basilar skull fracture?

the skull

Fracture of what portion of the skull causes mastoid bruising?

Fracture of the basal portion of the skull causes mastoid bruising.

What is a open skull fracture?

When a fracture is associated with a laceration or cut in the area of the fracture, it is called an open fracture

What is a spring hinge skull on eyeglasses?

A hinge with springs... It just describes the type of hinge that holds the frame together.

What is a fracture in the skull called?


How serious is a hairline fracture of the skull?

a hairline fracture is not as serious as you would think the skull can heal its self fairly quickly

What is the cause's of skull fracture?

It's almost always a blow to the skull, or the skull hitting something.

How serious is a skull fracture?

if you think your skull is fractured and you're on here asking about it, your skull is not fractured.

Is it possible to have a hairline fracture in your skull?


What bone attaches to the skull like a hinge?

That would be the jawbone, or mandible.

How long does it take for a skull fracture to heal?

Skull fractures take a few months to heal. When fracturing the skull the healing process takes a lot longer than any other fracture, like a fracture in the wrist or foot. Because of how much was damage and depending on the area of the fracture and the extent of the damage, the healing process could take up to a year, and in some cases even longer. Once you fracture your skull the healing process also includes the healing of the brain itself. You can't just fracture the skull and get on with your life. Depending on the force that fractured your skull you can end up with memory loss, brain damage, and other nerve problems.

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