Hip hop moves?

It depends what type of moves you are looking for, there are 6 different styles in hip hop so it kind of helps to tell us what style?

  1. Popping = Fresno, Twist a Flex, Master Flex, Prep Walk, Dime-Stop, Wave, Body Ripple, Cobra, Boogaloo, Robot Shuffle, Scarecrow, Walkout, Ticking, Strutting, Wacking, Robot Shuffle, Liquiding, Miming, Old Man, Puppet, Gliding, Sliding, Floating, Flexing, Bopping, Pimp Walk,
  2. Nu School = Cabbage Patch, Steve Martin, Biz Markie, Smurf, Smurf Variation, Feeler, Reebok, Prep, ATL, TLC, Pork chop, Bart Simpson, Rodger Rabbit, Charlston, Heel&Top, Humpty Step, Tidal Wave, Happy Feet, Criss Cross's, Party Machine, G Step, Sky Walk, Funky Four Corners,
  3. Locking = Lock, Pace, Wristroll, Points, Stop And Go, Scoo Bot, Scoo B Doo, Skeeter Rabbit (Skeeter Rappit Around The World) Hi 5's, 6-Step, Scoo Ba(Scoo Bot Hop) Rock Steady (Rock Steady Variation-The Seek) Leg Sweeps, Funky Guitar, Hand Claps, Floor Slaps, Whichaway, Knee Drops, Voltswagen, PimpWalk, Leo Walk, Fives (Hi 5's) Sneak, Sling, Kick Walk, Jazz Split, Up Lock (Muscle Man), Stomp The Coachroach, Hitch Hike, Floor Sweeps, Scarecrow
  4. Breaking = Toprock (4 Corners, Hip Twist, Regs, Sailor Step, Salsa Twist, Salsa Step, Corkscrew, Hook, Moonwalk, Uprock, Apache Step, PowerStep, Outlaw) Down Rock (Leg Circles, CCS, Swipes, Half A Sweep, Sweeps, Kicks, 6-Step, 3-Step, Hollabacks, Inverts, Freezes, Suicides, 4-Step, Flic-Flack, Backspin, Coindrop, Flare, Pretzals, Jack Hammer, Kick Ups, Knee Spin, HeadSpin, Reserection, Apple Jack, Bridge, Elbow Freeze, Windmill, UFO, Hand Glide)
  5. House = Jack, Jack in a box, Farmer, Footwork, Lofting, Skating, Stomping, Shuffle, Vogue, Wacking (Learning House, So don't know alot!)
  6. Krump = Stomp, Chest Pop, Arm Swoops, Arm Swing, Kick, Battle, Bitter, Section, Buck, Labbin, Kill Off, Wobble, Rebounds, (Theres not really enough moves i kno, but there ain't really any moves in krump just be aggressive and chuck yourself about!)

I'll add more if i find out anything else in the next weeks, but as for lyrical? follow your heart&do what the words tell you too, can't really help there.
Hope this helps everyone :)