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physical education is sports :) be nice

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Q: History of physical education in japan?
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When was Japan Women's College of Physical Education created?

Japan Women's College of Physical Education was created in 1922.

When did physical education start in Nigeria?

it is as old as man himself, if you can trace the history of education in nigeria you can as well trace history of physical education in nigeria

What is the history of physical education in feudalism?

Physical Education of F uedalism

What is the history of physical education in Egypt?

Cheese Butts

What has the author Edward R Beauchamp written?

Edward R. Beauchamp has written: 'Japanese and U.S. education compared' 'Dissertations in the history of education, 1970-1980' -- subject(s): Academic Dissertations, Bibliography, Education, History 'Preparing Teachers for Japan's Classrooms' 'Education in contemporary Japan' -- subject(s): Education

What is the History of Physical Education in primitive period?

In ancient civilizations, physical education was important in training young men for war. In Sparta, both boys and girls were taught physical education.

What has the author Ken Ishikawa written?

Ken Ishikawa has written: 'Nihon kyokasho taikei oraihen' -- subject(s): Textbooks, Japan 'Terakoya' -- subject(s): Education, Japan, Buddhism, History 'Kinsei shakai kyoiku shi no kenkyu' -- subject(s): Japan, Education, History

What is brief history of physical education?

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Physical education during stone age?

Feudalism was during the Middle Ages. Physical Education started in the early 1800s. Children exercised by working with the parents in the Middle Ages.

What has the author E F Zeigler written?

E. F. Zeigler has written: 'A history of physical education and sport' 'Administrative theory and practice in physical education and athletics'

What has the author Emmett Ainsworth Rice written?

Emmett Ainsworth Rice has written: 'A brief history of physical education [by] Emmett A. Rice, John L. Hutchinson [and] Mabel Lee' -- subject(s): Physical education and training, History

What has the author Leopold Frederick Zwarg written?

Leopold Frederick Zwarg has written: 'A study of the history, uses and values of apparatus in physical education ..' -- subject(s): Equipment and supplies, Gymnasiums, Gymnastics, History, Physical education and training