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Play a different song on the radio

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What is the cause of a humming noise when turning the steering wheel of a Honda Prelude?

Anytime I've ever heard a humming noise when turning the steering wheel on any vehicle,It has always been due to low power steering fluid

What is a normal idle for a 1988 prelude?

my 1988 4ws Honda prelude idles low at 600 rpm

What causes a oil light to blink in a 1995 Honda Prelude?

A low oil level can cause the oil light to blink on a 1995 Honda Prelude. A faulty sensor can also cause this.

How do i fix a low idle on a 1986 Honda prelude 2.0 si?

my Honda prelude 1986 si wants to cut off after its warmed up . any sugestions on what ot could be

Why was the Honda Prelude discontinued?

Because of low sales and that Honda didn't find room for the sporty two-door in their product lineup.

How do you check the transmission fluid level in 87 prelude?

Not sure if 1987 is the same, but my 1985 Honda Prelude has the dipstick located in front of the radiatior, down kind of low.

Why do I hear a low humming noise from my 2005 Honda Accord after I had the air filter replaced The mechanic says that it is a small electric motor Honda's have that is part of the engine help?

The low humming on a 2005 Honda Accord could be one of several things. The most common source of a humming noise is a wheel bearing which may be coming loose. If the noise get louder over time the wheel bearings should be checked.

What is the word meaning a low humming sound?

The word is droning. It means to make a continuous low humming sound.

How do you adjust a hydraulic clutch on a 1990 Honda Prelude?

You can bleed it though if the pedal is just low. Check the master and slave cylinders for leaks too.

Prelude temp gauge?

1996 prelude temperature gauge reads low temp

Why won't it downshift 1990 Honda Prelude?

Many times a transmission will not function properly when the transmission fluid is low. Check the transmission fluid and fill to the full mark.

What does prelude mean?

Prelude means the tone of the song like high, low, or in between both levels of sound.

What is the definition of droning?

make a continuous low humming sound.

What is a low humming sound that ends with one and its has 5 letters?


You put a jdm h22a engine in your 1992 Honda prelude and now its making a knocking noise what could it be?

There could be a problem with low old causes the pistons to rattle. There could also be a problem with the rocker arm.

Will a 90 Honda Prelude motor fit in an 89 Honda Civic DX?

No, the B20A or B21A motors will not fit into ANY other car than the 88-91 Prelude it was intended for. This is because the engine block was designed to sit at an 18-degree rearward slant in order to clear the low hood-line of the car. So these motors will not work in anything but a 3rd generation Prelude. If you intend to make it work and swap a B20A or B21A motor into a 4th generation Honda Civic then by all means have fun, but it will be neither easy nor cheap to do so because a lot of custom fabrication will be involved. It would be a waste of time and money.

Where is the Low pressure sensing switch location Honda accord?

on a 2005 Honda Accord where is the low pressure AC switch

What causes a humming noise when you put your 96 Dodge Ram in reverse?

Low fluid level.

What is the definitions of drone?

1. a low humming sound (noun) 2. a male bee (noun)

How do you set the timing on a Honda Prelude s 2.2 liter?

Pull that rubber plug in the front of the motor above off t the left of the header I think it sais hi or low hit it w a timing gun and adjust timing

Your clutch on 86 Honda prelude is slipping.can it be that the hydraulic clutch reservoir is low where can you check this out?

No, slipping is not affected by low hydraulic fluid level. The hydraulics of your clutch only DISENGAGE your clutch, they do not engage it. If it's slipping, it's either worn out, the pressure plate springs have weakened or you have oil on the clutch disk.

What is continuous noise?

typically defined as an uninterrupted sound such as low constant humming sound of the air conditioner or refrigerator

What is a Honda LEV motor?

Low Emissions Vehicle?

Why did the Honda NSX go out of production?

Low sales.

Where is the Honda civic ac low pressure switch?

The AC low pressure switch of a Honda Civic is located on the driver's side of the radiator. It is screwed into the accumulator bottle.

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