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How can i watch the presidential debat last night?

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hmm I don't no about this stuff im only 8 yrs old

Hello my name is blobadyblod and i come from planet zing zong.I did watch corrie last night did u?

you can watch it on T.V like I did last night.

positive - I watched TV last night. negative - I didn't watch TV last night. Notice how the verb changes to the base form and the did not (didn't) is past in negative past simple sentences.

The last US presidential election was in 2008; the nect will be in 2012.

I've just watched last night at the related link.

129,0854,000 voted in the last US presidential election.

It can be all three depends on how you use it present - watch or watches. They watch the rugby. past - watched. They watched the game last night. future - will watch / going to watch. I will watch the game tonight. I am going to watch the game tonight.

Last night, or the night before last night yesterday?

Watch and See It comes on tomorrow night at 9/8c

The last time Indiana went for a Democrat in a presidential race was 1964.

On the copier in PrintFax, select MENU and "reprint last document scanned."

The only pictures are apparently the cards on the Bonus Quest. (see related question)

Madison, Wisconsin, Lincoln, Nebraska, and Jackson, Mississippi are three capitals which are also presidential last names. Jefferson City, Missouri is another capital with a presidential last name.

"Did your husband work the whole night last night?" "Your husband worked the whole night last night."

did you do your homework last night?

I've found a good website last night where you can watch Going the Distance 2010. The link is in the "Sources and related links" box.

How many electoral votes did New Hampshire have in the last presidential election?

Presidential: Nov.4.08

No, presidential elections are every four years. The last was in 2004.

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