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How is the black death different from the bubonic plague?

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Michael Scalise
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They are different names for the same thing.

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Black Death, Black Plague, the Plague

The Plague, The Black Death, The Bubonic Plague

bubonic plague & the black death. (:

Another name for the bubonic plague is the Black Death.

bubonic plague or the black death

yes, the bubonic plague and black death is the same

yes, along with the bubonic plague

Black Death had no types originally, it is a misconception. It was caused by Yersinia pestis bacterium.

The two varieties of the black death are the bubonic plague and the pneumonic plague.

The bubonic plague, known as the black death, first appeared in China

there are two diferrent types of plague bubonic plague and pneumonic plague but the black death and the plague are the same thing

They called it the Black Death because it sometimes turned your nose, fingers and toes black. Then they would mostly die. The bubonic plague was called the Black Death because of this.

Plague, Yersinia pestis, bubonic plague, black plague, black death, fleas, rats, middle ages.

Bubonic and pneumonic plague :-)

It is the Black Death. (Black Plague, or Bubonic Plague)

In the UK: The Black death or Bubonic Plague.

the bubonic plague (black plague) caused boils, when the person was near death the boils turned black

Bubonic plague or the black death

The Bubonic Plague is the proper name for the Black Death.

The Black Death was almost certainly the bubonic plague.

bubonic plagueYes, the black death was a disease. A very lethal plague in fact.

The Black Death (AKA The Bubonic Plague, The plague) didn't really "start" or "end" on specific dates. There are some rare cases of The Bubonic plague today. The peak of the Black Death was around 1347- 1352

the bubonic plague is just a type of plague which the black death was categorised as, but scientists/historians believe that the black death occurred around spring 1348 and started in central Asia/china.

The common name for bubonic plague is the Black Death.

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