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Marcus Rivera
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Study hard to earn better grades on future assignments and tests.

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sasha banks
Answered 2021-01-28 19:19:11

study hard and u get a legit grade

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Can you change your child's or teenager's grade on Sims 2?

Yes you can change their grade as long as they do their homework every night and go to school with all their needs at green, and in a happy mood. They will get a better grade, if you want them to have a worse grade then do the opposite of this.

How do you change a grade on your report card?

The teacher will ALWAYS find out if you changed your grade so DON'T do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She can tell, seriously, and if you get a bad grade then big deal!!!!!!!!!!

Does maple syrup's grade affect its flow?

yes the grade does affect maple syrup's flow each grade has a different density which can change the flow of the syrup

How can you change the THC level of marijuana?

You can't. You either have low-grade marijuana, mid-grade marijuana, or high-grade marijuana. There is no magical alchemy that can change schwag to skunk. If you want better weed, then you have to find someone who sells better weed.

Does metamorphic rock change?

Metamorphic rock can undergo a series of changes called degrees of metamorphism, from low-grade to high-grade.

What if I scored a zero on an assignment and my grade is 87.16 what is my grade?

It probably didn't change it much. But it is hard to figure out without knowing more.

How can you change a report card grade?

By studying harder for the next semester.

How do i maintain and i want to increase the speed of my bike?

change the oil. higher grade of gasoline. change air filter

How do you change your school grade?

Study and bring your teacher an Apple every day

What Pokemon does the up grade work on?

It works on porygon and change it to porygon two.

What is the eighth grade definition for acceleration?

acceleration is a change in velocity (speed + direction)

How could change your grade?

By studying harder and answering more questions accurately.

Are people naked in the locker rooms?

Yes. People take showers and change. In grade K-8th grade, people aren't naked, but are in underwear.

What does grade inflation mean?

To inflate grades is to change grade rubrics (usually in the context of students' work) to make it seem like someone did better.

In what grade do German school children start learning a foreign language?

Until now, it's usually the fifth grade. But that is about to change so that children will be taught English since the third grade. As we live to the border to France, the children learn now from the 1st grade French and from the 5th grade english.

What is a chemical reaction is on the 5th grade level?

a chemical reaction is when you change the properties of something and you cant change it back:example>:burning paper

How do you get a guy to like a girl if they're in 6th grade?

The way you would do in every other grade. Just tell her. If she does not like you, don't change who you are just to get her to like you.

What are reasons why fourth grade should have a class president?

By having a class president in 4th grade or earlier, you encourage children to get involved in the political process and affect change.

Is supporting combustion a chemical or physical change?

It is a phiscal change because the combustion doesn't change. I'm in the 7th grade and nobody older than me answered this question! That is a shame!

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