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How 2 get raqueza in Pokemon ruby version?

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You can't get Rayquaza in Ruby or Sapphire unless you trade it. you can, if you know the cloning glitch for Emerald, clone your Rayquaza and trade one to your Ruby Version.

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How 2 get raqueza in littleroot town Pokemon Ruby version?

how to get raqueza in littletown in Pokemon ruby version

Where is Lily cove lottery in ruby version Pokemon?

its in liylicove and go 2 the mart and talk to those ladys

How do you get kyogre in Pokemon ruby version?

if u have a emerald version or sapphire version u trade. Oh, u need 2 game boys too. No other way.

What are the Pokemon game the you can get Pokemon off of for Pokemon Ruby?

Are you reffering to the exclusive PoKeMoN in Pokemon Ruby? These are all the Pokemon exclusive to Ruby that can ONLY be found in Pokemon Ruby and NOT Pokemon Sapphire: Pokemon Ruby Exclusives 1. Seedot 2. Nuzleaf 3. Shiftry 4. Mawile 5. Zangoose 6. Solrock 7. Latios 8. Groudon These are only Exclusive to the Sapphire version: 1. Lotad 2. Lombre 3. Ludicolo 4. Sableye 5. Seviper 6. Lunatone 7. Latias 8. Kyogre

Pokemon Pearl version where to get regirock?

The only ways to get Regi Rock in pearl version is to: 1. migrate it from Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald 2. Get a gameshark and use a code

How do you get latias in Pokemon Ruby?

There are two ways to get Latias in Pokemon Ruby: 1) Trade with another version - any version that has Latias. 2) Attend a Nintendo Event - at the Nintendo Event, there is a 'Wonder Spot' where special game rewards can be downloaded. Latias can become available in Pokemon Ruby after you download the special event. (In the game, you travel to an island and Latias flies over you. You are then able to catch it)

How do i clone a Pokemon in the ruby version?

1.say at petalburg ''abra kadabra'' 2.say at battle tower ''alakazam'' 3.clone

Where to get houndour in Pokemon FireRed version?

u cant. have some1 with a hoenn game 2 trade it 2 u (found in the safari zone in ruby sapphire and emerald)

Who is the fifth gym leader?

It depends on the version. In Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, the fifth gym leader is Norman. He specializes in using normal type Pokemon and he is your father. His Pokemon are 2 Vigoroth and 1 Slacking.

How do you duplicate your Pokemon in Pokemon Ruby version?

first, get a pokeball with the Pokemon inside. go to a soda pop machine and tie a string on the pokeball. put the pokeball in and yank it out! TA-DA! Answer 2 You cannot duplicate your Pokemon except by hacking

In platnium version how do you get the reggies and the king?

first u got 2 have a wailord and a relicanth, they r in ruby/sapphire version i for get were but for more info go 2www.serribi.net then go to games, click on ruby/sapphire then go 2 the section on the right were it says legendary pokemon,it will tell u the rest.goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!! sinco de mayo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!adios!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you get Pokemon Generation 4 Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald Version?

No. In Pokemon Emerald Version, you can only obtain Pokemon from generations 1, 2 and 3.

Is Pokemon Omega Ruby part 2 for Pokemon y?

No. Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Saphire are remakes of Ruby and Sapphire, from 3rd Gen. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire are in the same generation as X and Y, 6. Hope this helps you.^w^

How do you trade in Pokemon Ruby destiny reign of legends?

in Pokemon ruby destiny you need 2 visual boy advances put ruby destiny in on the other visual boy advance put any Pokemon game my fave Pokemon is gengar

Can you communicate Pokemon sapphire and Pokemon ruby with 2 DS?

you cannot connect ruby and sapphire between 2 ds... i have tried this as i do not have 2 gba's... ima sorry but gba's are the only way to communicate between the 2

When can you import Pokemon from ruby to platinum?

1. Check if you already imported Pokemon and have to get them. 2. Check if Pokemon ruby is working. 3. If the Pokemon you are trying to get to platinum knows an HM, make the Pokemon forget it at the move deleter.

Is the English version of Pokemon white 2 out yet?

Pokémon Black 2 Version and White 2 Version will be availiable for English in September.

How do you get 2 masterballs in Pokemon Ruby?

Actually i found 2 in Pokemon ruby where close to the shelves of books next to prof. Birch. But you have to get it when prof birch isn't in there in the start of the game. By neil convento

How do you get Pokemon from Pokemon Y to Pokemon Omega Ruby?

Currently, there are 3 easy ways to get Pokemon from Y to Omega Ruby:1. You need to have two 3DS and trade Pokemon normally2. You can use the Pokemon Bank application. First, have Pokemon Y inserted in your Nintendo 3DS. Then, open the Pokemon Bank application. Transfer the Pokemon that you want to move to Omega Ruby. Save and quit and switch game cartridges to Pokemon Omega Ruby. Then, transfer the Pokemon into Pokemon Omega Ruby3. You can connect to the Global Trading Systems (GTS) and use the internet to trade Pokemon

Where do you get a articuno on Pokemon Ruby?

you have 2 trade articuno from fire red or leaf green to your ruby game..veronica

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