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Q: How 3 hr activities support the organization strategy?
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How 3 hr activities support the organisations strategy?

1- Recruitment and Selection 2- Training and Development 3- Performance Management and Compensation

What is aligning compensation strategy with HR strategy and business strategy?

aligning compensation strategy with hr strategy and business strategy would simply mean that the designing of a company's compensation strategy should be in such a way that it should support its HR as well as business strategy.

The relationship between organisational mission and hr strategy?

The HR strategy should reflect the view of the organization's mission. If they aren't aligned then the organization may have problems attracting people who align with their objectives.

Identify the vertical and horizontal integration of different human resources activities in the organization?

Horizontal intergration is found in the way all HR activities feed into each other and support each other. Such activities as Recruitment & Selection, Perfomance Management, Reward Management must be tailored is such a way that each feeds into and is in turn supported by the other.Vertical integration on the other hand refers to the way these HR activities should dovetail and support the overall organisational activities. In other words HR activities must also dovetail and move in the same direction with the organisations mission and vision

What is Samsung strategy?

The samsung strategy to improved the quality of product for the upcoming year . and take better management of HR to how to utalized the resources of the organization more efficienty and effectively to achived the organization objectives ,,

What are the inputs provided by HR for manpower planning?

Human resource planning is becoming one of the most important functions within an organization. Align competencies and incentives of human resources to business objectives. Ensure employees focus efforts on the most important activities, by providing a clear line of sight from daily activities to the organization's strategy.

What is HR scorecard approach?

HR scorecard measures the HR function's effectiveness and efficiency in producing employee behaviors needed to achieve the company's strategic goals. In order to achieve that you would need to: - Know what the company's strategy is - Understand the causal links between HR activities, employee behaviors, organizational outcomes, and the organization's performance - And have metrics to measure all the activities and results involved. There are seven steps required to develop HR score card ,so that the result are statistically measure -define business strategy -outline company value chain -identify business required organizational outcomes strategy -identify required workforce -identify relevant HR system -design of HR score card for measurement purpose -a periodic revaluation based on measurement system from score card

Dimensions of a strategic HRM?

HR strategy - vision and mission - Business strategy HR strategy - Internal context - External context

How does a HR department support an organization's competitiveness by maintaining a highly skilled and motivated workforce?

HR plays a very important role in building and maintaining a company's workforce. Through the hiring and firing process, HR is able to make sure that only the best people are working for and representing the organization. HR also plays an important role in keeping workers motivated. They generally plan motivational and inspirational events, and coordinate with all members of the company to arrange exciting activities for employees.

What are limitations of hrm?

human resource is an effective integer in all firms sector strategy, but firms don't determine the impact of hr training programmes over the employees. HR training is efficient only if it produces desired outcome. When the administration is implementing a hr training programme, there should be an model facility on which the assessment strategy can be improved, and classification of strength of hr training and usage activities can be through.

Why do we need human resource strategy?

HR strategy evaluates the organization's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges in the future. After you identify the future, you can plan to succeed in that future ... by targeted hiring, training, reorganization, or function elimination.

How HR as a support function in Value Chain Analysis in an Organisation work?

The Human Resource is responsible for well being of the workforce in an organization. The organization hires and trains workforce.