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find the meaning of the word then put it into a sentence

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Emaciated means becoming underweight. A sentence with the word, "The girl did not eat like she should and become emaciated."

Emaciated means very thin. The emaciated cows searched for something to eat in the bare field.

The homeless man's dog was so emaciated you could see all his bones.

Emaciated means abnormally thin and there is no need to add the word under before it. An example sentence would be... He was under feed to the point of being emaciated.

Emaciated means gaunt or extremely thin so a good sentence could be: The young, homeless male was emaciated due to the lack of food. or Several kids in Africa suffer with being emaciated every day and we do very little to help them.

she was so emaciated she could hardly stand

you are a emaciated person so you have to eat more than this

"The boy's hunger showed most in his gaunt, emaciated face."

The abandoned dog was emaciated from lack of food, its bones protruding horribly.

The cat became emaciated after she had not eaten for over two weeks.

Emaciated means extremely and unhealthily thin and undernourished, so... His emaciated frame was so frail, it became difficult for him to lift even the slightest weight. an adequate sentence.

After going a prolonged time without eating, James had become emaciated and gaunt.

Emaciated fits your description.Emaciated fits your description.

I believe that the word you are looking for is emaciated.

" The castaway had been alone on the desert island with no food for so long, he was worse than skinny, he was emaciated "

Sadly, Im very emaciated every single day of my life. This is not true. Please do not be concerned.Im very well fed.

The cancer took a toll on her and at the end, she was emaciated. She used to be 172 pounds, but died at 106 pounds 6 months later.

Seeing her emaciated frame, it was evident that she hadn't eaten in weeks. Judging from his smile, its evident that he's pleased with his test score.

The soldiers rescued weak, emaciated victims from the concentration camps. She was once beautiful and energetic, but caner treatments left her weak and emaciated.

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Another word for starved with nine letters is emaciated.

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