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How Do I Get Jirachi With Action Replay?

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er....use this code

Wild Pokemon Modifier

94000130 FDFF0000

B21C4D28 00000000

B0000004 00000000

94000130 FEFF0000

00000890 01ED0001

D0000000 00000000

DA000000 00000892

DC000000 00024620

C0000000 0000000B

D7000000 00000000

DC000000 00000006

D2000000 00000000

1. Press L+R at the menu screen, then you'll get 493 Masterballs in your Items pocket. 2. Set Masterballs' quantity to the National number of the Pokemon you want. (Example: Jirachi=Pokemon number 385, discard until you have 385 Master balls) 3. Hold L and encounter Pokemon. DO NOT push L+R together again or you will have 493 Masterballs again (unless you want Arceus as his Pokemon number is 493)

it worked for me ^^ but I already had one from a friends...but I got alot of other Pokemon with it! X3

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How Do you Get Shiny Jirachi With Action Replay?

u cant u can only get a shiny jirachi with action replay or gameshark

How do you get Jirachi with action replay?

you cant!sorry.

Can you give you action replay codes to get a shiny jirachi?

yes you can

Is there a glitch to get jirachi on diamond?

Yes. Use an Action Replay

How do you get a Jirachi in platinum?

with action replay, but I don't remember the code.

Is there an action replay code to get jirachi in Pokemon black?


Where to get jirachi?

you either get it from an event, by action replay or trading. go to

How do you get jirachi without an action replay or event in Pokemon pearl?


How do you get jirachi without action replay codes in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't.

How do you get a jirachi with a action replay?

Don't use action replays. They're cheats and you miss out all of the fun of the game. you can get Jirachi by using Mystery Gift

Is there an action replay code for getting jirachi as your starter Pokemon on Pokemon diamond?

i dont know but the action reply i get you can choose the level of jirachi and i can get anywhere i have three

How do you get jirachi on pearl?

you have to have a action replay or hacking or any other cheating device

How do we get Jirachi in ' Pokemon Emerald'?

only event, hack or action replay

Where do you find jirachi on Pokemon Platinum?

You cant, only by using action replay.

How do you catch jirachi in artisan cave in Pokemon emerald?

you get jirachi by walking(so its roaming) or use game shark or action replay

What is the action replay code for midnight Jirachi in Pokemon platinum?

00000000025 12314hfg567 6667dbb89

How do you get jirachi using the action replay on Pokemon diamond?

you use the Pokemon modifier code.

What is the Action Replay code for Night Sky Jirachi on Pokรฉmon Platinum German version?

well if you want jirachi,starting at Febuary 27,2010, at game stop, they are giving free jirachi andyou dont need action replay. im going there later event ends at march 13 2010.

How do you get Jirachi in Pokemon Platinum?

Jirachi cannot be caught in the wild. You'll need to migrate it from the Generation III games, trade for it, or use an Action Replay.

Is there a Pokemon Platinum Action Replay code for the Night Sky Jirachi?

yes but i don't know what it is

If I get a Jirachi by an action replay code and trade it to Pokemon Heartgold will I unlock something?

no, you will not unlock anything

How do you catch a jarachy in Pokemon diamon without action replay?

You can't at least if you are talking about Jirachi...

Is there An action replay code for Pokemon diamond to get a jirachi with multitype and 999 of all stats?

I don't know about the Action Replay or Multitype but my friend got a jirachi fro GTS or you could migrate it. The final option for everything you asked ( and more) is to use Pokesav.

How do you get jirachi on Pokemon pearl with and action replay?

go to super mouse over Nintendo ds click then Pokemon d/p and action replay codes and you can get the jirachi fossil and go to the mining museum and theres your jirachi. TAH DAH thx man it worked perfectly but don't forget to have an empty place in party.

Where can you catch Jirachi?

Jirachi was an event Pokemon in most of the games. Depending on what version you use, you may have to use an Action Replay or GameShark with the correct code to get it. Jirachi cannot be obtained during normal gameplay.