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In order to screw a coat hook to the wall you need a drill. Additional metal plates may be necessary to keep the coat hook to the wall.

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Child coat hook height?

The height of the hook will depend on the size of the child. If possible, have the child hold up a coat against a wall to mock hanging the coat up. Measure the height to give you an indication of the correct height for your child.

What rhymes with notebook?

Coat hookGoat hook,

How do you use the word hook in a sentence?

Your coat is where it belongs, hanging on a hook.

Where are the coat hooks?

I filed them under H for "hook"You must be looking under C for "Coat"

How do you attach a banana to the ceiling?

Take a hook like a command strip, screw it, tape it, or somehow atatch it to the ceiling, then peel tiny strip of the banana and screw the it through the hook

How do you be Captian Hook for Halloween?

wear a hook, red coat, red hat with feather, and say arrrrrgg!

What is another 3 letter word for a coat hook?


Screw size for 32 sony bravia wall mount?

The screw size for the Sony Bravia wall mount is 6X16 MM.

How do you attach your coat rack to the wall?

If you are attaching it to drywall, use plastic anchors with the screws. The anchor expands while the screw is being installed and helps hold the fixture firmer to the wall. If the fixture is kind of heavy, use a "butterfly" anchor (the hardware store clerk will know what you want). Butterfly anchors open up like a butterfly's wings behind the wall as you insert the screw.

How do you screw a screw into a block wall?

Drill a hole and use a plastic anchor.

Is hook an action word or a common noun?

It can be either. As a verb (action word): I will hook it onto the truck As a common noun: My coat was hanging on the hook.

How do you change a blade in a hacksaw?

The tool has a screw at one end. Loosen this screw which is shaped like a wing nut. The blade will become loose and when it does, look to the handle end. There is a small hook which the blade attaches to, so it will be firm when reattached. Slide the blade off the hook and the other hook which is attached to the screw nut. Place the new blade on these two hooks and tighten the screw nut firmly.

How do you hang a picture frame?

You need to put a picture hook on the wall and make sure you put a wire on the picture frame to attach to the hook on the wall.

How do you use wall anchors to hang picture?

There are the drywall screw anchors that just look like a giant screw, they just screw in with a Philips and then the correct size screw fits into the same place as the screw driver. Blue (and other colours) plastic anchors you punch a hole in the drywall then push in the plastic insert until the little flange touches, then the screw goes into the center hole to expand for grip in the wall (these are good for low strength hold in other materials) Finally there are toggle bolts, they go through a pre drilled hole and the little wings pop out and the screw gets tightened until the wings clamp down from the far side of the drywall. All use a screw to either hold things up or clamp a hook or similar to the wall.

How much space is needed above a coat hook?

5 cm

How do you hang dry wall?

You hold it up square to the wall on a raiser and nail or screw it into the studs about 1 screw per every 12 inch.

How thick should render be on wall?

Depends on the type of wall ie stone/brick ect on a modern wall it should be 20 to 25 millimeters You have your scratch coat plus your finnish coat

How do you replace oxygen sensor on a 2001 rav4?

Find your Sensor, un-screw it 7/8 the wrench usually. Un-hook the electrical cable. Screw in the new Sensor then hook up the electrical cable...

How do you get rid of wasps in the wall?

Dust insecticide in the wall void to coat int. surfaces.

How do I wire a Kitchen outlet?

Black wire to gold screw, white wire to silver screw, ground to green screw. If you are using a GFIC outlet then the hot wires coming in hook to the Line side of the GFIC receptacle and the wires going out to other receptacles hook to the load side.

To adjust the lower tension on an oscillating hook type machine you would turn a screw on the?

To adjust the lower tension on an oscillating hook type machine you would turn a screw on the inside of the machine. You want to locate the bobbin tension screw and turn it 1/4 of a turn to the left.

What is the area covered by 1 liter of wall paint?

Single coat ,100sqft Double coat 50sqft

What are the various ways of hanging a picture on the wall?

Bolt, nail or screw the frame directly to the wall. Without a frame you can paste the picture on the wall or use tape, staples or nails. Most cases a wire is placed on the back of the frame and it is set on a hook on the wall. There are other types of hook set ups that allow for hanging pictures. Use the smallest nail or hook necessary to hold your picture to avoid damaging the walls. When hanging pictures with a wire on the back, you can use 2 or more hooks. Please don't use bolts, screws, paste or tape. Your landlord will love you and you'll get your damage deposit back.

On average, how many coats does a typical coat rack stand hold?

You can get all different sizes of coat racks, but a typical coat rack has about 8 hooks. That would hold 8 coats if you put one on each hook, or 16 if you doubled coats up by putting 2 on each hook.

Is hook a noun or verb?

The word 'hook' is both a noun (hook, hooks) and a verb (hook, hooks, hooking, hooked).Examples:Hang your coat on the hook in the hall. (noun)We're going to hook a really big fish. (verb)Don't fall for the hook of a special introductory rate. (noun)We can hook up after work today. (verb)

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