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L2 + down on your analog stick

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How do you change language on Tony Hawk American Wasteland PC?

how to change language on tony hawks american wasteland for ps2???

What is better skate 1 or Tony Hawk American wasteland?


How do you revert in Tony Hawk American wasteland?

with R2

WhereOn Tony Hawk American wasteland were is Tony Hawk amjam?

You have to goto Downtown and then goto Vans skateparks.

How do you download Tony Hawks American wasteland for free?

play tony hawk now

How Do You Revert On Tony Hawk American Wasteland?

well it depends what system you have.

How do you do a 360 hard flip in Tony Hawk American wasteland?


How do you revert on Tony Hawk American wasteland xbox?

right trigger

Do they have Tony Hawk American wasteland for playstation 3?

No it is a PS2 game

Where is fire escape in Tony Hawk American wasteland?

On the roof d.i.c.k.

Can you create your own skatepark in Tony Hawk American wasteland?


How do you make females nude in Tony Hawk american wasteland?

You cant

Which game is better Tony Hawk ride or Tony Hawk shred?

Neither. The best tony hawk games are Pro Skater 2 and American Wasteland. All others suck.

How do you manual in Tony Hawk American wasteland xbox?

jump then do up down on the arrows

How do you get to the top of the theater in Tony Hawk American wasteland?

You can get on the roof by entering the door at the bottom of the building.

How do you get the alien suit on Tony Hawk American wasteland?

You have to goto Beverly hills shop. I think

When did Tony Hawk's American Wasteland happen?

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland happened in 2005.

In what Tony Hawk game can you unlock Billie Joe Armstrong?

u unlock bille joe armstong in Tony Hawks American Wasteland

How do you get to Minneapolis Tony Hawk American wasteland?

Its Already There At The End. In Levels, But You Cant Get To It In Career Mode You Can Get To It On Classic Mode.

Is Tony Hawk American Wasteland on ps3?

no its not it is just for the 360 maybe it will later on well right now its not sorry

What video games are Bam Margera in?

Bam margera is in tony hawk games (Tony Hawks Underground 1 & 2) and i think tony hawks American wasteland.

Can you build a skatepark on Tony Hawk American Wasteland?

Yes. THAW has many objects you can place in your own customized skatepark.

Is Tony Hawk American wasteland a 2 player?

Some parts just in 2 player mode a free skate

How do you skip levels and missions on Tony Hawk American wasteland?

You can't there's no cheat for it either. Just try anyway

When was Tony Hawk's American Wasteland created?

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland was created on 2005-10-18.