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Q: How HR managers can reduce costs?
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Who is called hr manager?

No. They are managers for support functions.

what APAC payroll outsourcing companies?

Payroll outsourcing is flexible and adaptable depending on your needs. We take on some, or all, of your payroll tasks which enables managers and HR to concentrate on core activities, cut costs and increase quality in their HR activities.

Why do managers consider direct costs to be more accurate then indirect costs?

Answer this question...why do managers cosider direct costs to be more accurate than indirect costs?

Why women are more successful as hr managers?

They aren't necessarily more successful than men as HR managers there are just more women in that line of work.

What is the scope of HR managers?

slow down everything.

Why do US companies outsource jobs?

To reduce labor costs

Which of these managers are in charge of departments such as finance and HR that support line departments?

Which of these managers are in charge of departments such as Finance and HR? a) Line b) Project c. Top d. Operatives e. Staff

What do you perceive are the major challenges that HR managers will have to face in the near future?

Robots and machines.

2.What are the main challenges of increasing employees motivation and commitment for HR managers?


How does sharing peripheral devices reduce costs for a company?

Network allows for the sharing of devices and can reduce costs for a company.

How can managers use accounting information to help control manufacturing overhead costs?

Managers compare the actual line item amounts for manufacturing overhead with the budgeted amounts. Managers investigate large differences between actual and budgeted amounts to identify the reasons why actual costs differ from planned or budgeted costs.

How do you sell an idea of hr department to a managing partner?

An HR Department could relieve managers of certain routine administrative duties and help assure that HR related regulations and rules are consistently followed.