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There are seventy pieces of wood in a violin. An example is the bridge.

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Q: How Many pieces of wood are in a Violin?
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How many pieces of wood used to make a violin?

50 peices

How many pieces of wood does it take to make a violin?

it takes over 100 peices

Number of pieces of wood a violin contains?


What are the most famous pieces written for the violin?

there are many famous pieces of music wirtten for the violin to many to mention

Did Mozart play violin?

Yes, Mozart did play the violin and composed many pieces of music on that instrument.

Can you play cello songs on the violin?

If they are transposed to a higher register, cello pieces can easily be played on the violin. However, the tone color between the cello and violin are very different, so many cello pieces would not sound as good on the violin .

About how many pieces of wood in a full cord?

A cord is a measure of volume. It is not measured in pieces of wood.

How many pieces of wood in a rick of wood?

Of course it depends on the size of the split logs, but generally we find there are about 160 pieces of wood in a 4X8.

How many pieces does a violin have?

It depends on what you mean by pieces. Do you mean sheet music, how many things such as the number of strings, the bridge etc. or maybe the pieces it needs to function.

How many individual pieces of wood in a cubic foot?

it depends on how big the pieces are if the pieces are 2x2 there are three pieces

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Can wood pieces be recycled?

Can wood pieces be recycled?

How many violin concertos did Mozart compose?

Mozart composed 5 violin concertos, as well as some solo pieces for violin and orchestra. Besides there are 2 concertos that are of doubtful authenticity.

What instrument is better to learn a guitar or violin?

Probably the violin will be the most versatile instrument in regards to classical music. However, there are classical pieces written for guitar, too, but not as many as for the violin.

What is a bamboo violin?

It is a violin made up of the wood called bamboo...........:)

How is the violin constructed?

the violin is constructed by a series of step and it is made out of wood.

Why is the violin used in so many cultures?

I think that the violin are used in so many cultures because a lot of people used to play the violin. Also a long time ago they used to make the violin out of wood and used in orchestras and choirs.

What wood is typically used to make the front of the violin?

The wood used to make the front of a violin is well seasoned maple.

What is the best wood to use to make a violin?

Cherry wood.

What is a famous orchestra piece with violin in it?

The Ode to Joy, or Spring, are famous pieces with violin.

What was the first violin made out of?


What are violin made out of?

wood and string

What is made out of a violin?

Wood and strings.

What is a violin bass made of?