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Terracing is popular in many localities. Contour plowing is also used. Planting trees is an excellent method of preventing slope erosion. Planting prairie grasses is another excellent method.

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Q: How Soil erosion on hills slopes checked by?
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Soil erosion on hill slopes can be checked by?

Soil erosion on hill slopes can be checked by contour ploughing.

What is contour farming?

Contour farming is a way of farming on slopes and hills that reduces soil erosion so that the plants on it can grow faster.

Checking of soil erosion steps?

soil erosion on hill sloppes can be checked by

What are terraced slopes?

Slopes that have been plowed with a soil, and erosion conservation technique called terracing.

How prevent soil erosion on hill slopes?

plant trees

Why does soil erosion occur on steep slopes?

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What is done to reduce soil erosion on steep slopes?

Contour Farming

Why do farmers cut terraces or furrows along hill slopes?

Terraces significantly reduce the rate of soil erosion on slopes.

When and where does soil erosion happen?

Soil erosion happens when wind or rain blow or wash away the soil. Dust storms and landslides are soil erosion, often encouraged by intensive plowing of the land or tree felling on mountain slopes.

How can slopes be stabilized?

Improve your soil's ability to resist erosion by stabilizing slopes by increasing vegetation and trees.Straw, woodchips, or bark applied to a depth of at least one inch are effective in holding soil in place on slopes.

Why grass is planted on slopes?

establishing grass on a slope is crucial to prevent erosion of the underlying soil.

In terrain with steep hill slopes which crop and cultivation technique will minimize soil erosion?

In terrain with steep hills slopes the crop and cultivation technique that will minimize soil erosion are apples that land between the trees is planted in grass and not cultivates. The area were pedal soils most likely to be found are a moderately dry to semiarid grassland such as the western great plains.