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Q: How To Create A Hooverville Using Cardboard?
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Another name for a cardboard jungle from Bud Not Buddy?


Why did hooverville's occur?

During the Great Depression , people lost money so people with no income would just build a Hooverville which can be made with many kinds of materials such as cardboard boxes, refrigerator boxes, and what ever they can find

What is a hoverville in Bud Not Buddy?

Hooverville was a small town just outside of Flint ( were Bud lived) It was were all the poor people with little clothing little food and little supplies lived. They people lived in cardboard and wood homes.

Why was hooverville so hard to find?

Hooverville is located in Washington DC.

Disadvantages of using cardboard?

although cardboard is a cheap product to buy, it can get wet in the rain and then the cardboard will start to rip

How many people lived in hooverville?

Over 1,200 people lived in Hooverville

What does a hedgehog live in?

In the wild, they can live under hedges, fallen logs and even cardboard boxes. They will also create nests using branches, leaves and grasses.

How do you use the place Hooverville in a sentence?

During the depression, my grandparents lived in the Hooverville of Indianapolis.

Why have a number of stores and restaurants changed from using Styrofoam to using cardboard containers?

cardboard takes less time to break down in a landfill

Where was hooverville mainly?


What was hoovervville?

During the great depression some people became homeless or became migrant workers, but couldn't get a job so the created towns out of cardboard, newspaper, etc. and named them after the current president. Hence the "Hoover" part of Hooverville.

How do you make a real chibi-robo?

by using cardboard