How To Say DumB In Spanish?

Updated: 11/8/2022
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"mudo" = cannot speak,

"estúpido" and "tonto" = stupid, 'dumb' in the American sense

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Q: How To Say DumB In Spanish?
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How do you say im dumb in spanish?

This is how you say I'm dumb in spanish : "Soy Tonto" Im doing Spanish as a GCSE so I'm certain it's that! Hope I Helped!

How do you say Dumb Blondes in spanish?

rubia tonta

How do you say dumb in the spanish language?

it should be "tonto" or "torpe"

How do you say eyebrows in Spanish?

Cejas = Penis dumb ask

How say dumb and dumber in Spanish?

if you mean "dumb and dumber" the tv series then it's "Bobo y Tonto"

How do you say dumb little girl in spanish?

Niñita torpe/tonta.

How do you say your dumb in Spanish?

Tonto means dumb and Tonta means dumb. In spanish Everything has a grander so if your calling a girl sumb it would be tonta and if you are calling a boy dumb it would be tonto. Like as if I'm going to say the dumb boy it will be "El tonto Cheko" I'f I'm saying the dumb girl it will be "La tanta Cheka"

Hou do you say your boyfriend is dumb in spanish?

Mi novio esta menso.

How do you say dumb asses in spanish?

I think you're dumb = Creo que eres un tonto

How do you say dumb in spanish?

In spanish everything needs a gender. As in boy and girl o means boy and a means girl. ( o and a at the end of the word means if it's a boy or girl) So tonto means dumb in boy form as if your calling a boy dumb because of the o. and tonta means dumb in girl form. So I say El tonto chico means the stupid/silly boy If i say La tonta chica means the stupid/silly girl. La and el means the. the e in the means masculine to and the a in the means feminine so you should look at that to see what gender it is.English: Dumb Spanish: Tonto

What does menso mean in spanish?


How do you say your a dumb in spanish?

Tonto and estupido both mean dumb or stupid in Spanish. However, if you're referring to a girl, replace the o on the end with an a. "Tu eres tonto" means "you're stupid".