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Q: How Would The Acceleration vs Time Graph Look?
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What would the graph look like on a position verse time plot with constant acceleration?

If the constant acceleration is positive, the graph would be an exponential (x2) graph. If there is constant acceleration, then velocity is always increasing, making the position change at an ever increasing rate.

How do you make a velocity vs time graph from an acceleration vs time graph?

Your acceleration vs. Time graph is the slope of your velocity vs. time graph

For an object that is speeding up at constant rate how would the acceleration vs time graph look?

A line angled upward

How do you find acceleration of a speed time graph?

Acceleration=change in y graph/change in x graph

On speed-time graph the measures acceleration?

On speed-time graph can measure acceleration by getting the slope.

How does the speed versus time graph look for an object with constant acceleration?

A straight line.

How would a graph of negative and positive acceleration differ?

This depends on what the graph represents. If it is a graph of velocity on the vertical and time on the horizontal, then if acceleration is at a constant rate, the graph will be a straight line with positive slope (pointing 'up'). If acceleration stops, then the graph will be a horizontal line (zero acceleration or deceleration). If it is deceleration (negative acceleration), then the graph will have negative slope (pointing down).

How would a graph look if the speed is constant?

That would depend on the type of axes. If it is an acceleration vs. time graph, then there would be a continual reading of 0m/s/s acceleration, and the graph would be a straight line indicating 0m/s/s at all times. If it is a velocity vs time graph, then there would be a constant value of velocity at all times. If it is a displacement vs time graph, there would be a straight, continuously increasing line.

Is acceleration the slope of the velocitys vs the time graph?

Yes, acceleration is the slope of a velocity versus time graph.

How is a speed graph different from an acceleration graph?

A speed graph measures the distance devided over time. Acceleration graph measures the change in speed over time.

How does a graph showing speed differ from a graph showing acceleration?

Speed can be shown on a graph of position versus time, and acceleration can be shown on a graph of speed versus time.

How would you obtain the acceleration of an object from a velocity time graph?

The average acceleration can be obtained by finding the slope of the graph. The instantaneous acceleration is found by drawing a tangent to a particular point on the graph (instant) and finding the slope of than tangent.