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How accurate is the Titanic movie?


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October 08, 2017 6:41PM

If you mean the 1997 James Cameron movie, it features many accuracies. It shows the ship breaking which was not done in the earlier movies. The boy with the top is derived from an actual photograph, Andrews confirmed to Smith that the ship was doomed, several stokers, in Grapes Pub, were too drunk to make the sailing, Gracie is seen escorting Edith Evans and Caroline Brown when looking for boats, Chef Charles Joughin is, indeed, on the stern during the sinking, and many other instances.

It's worth noting that when "A Night to Remember" was being done, Officer Boxhall, after viewing a first edit, was asked by Maquitty, "Did I get it right?" and Boxhall wept, saying, "Terribly right."