How addictive are cocaine and crack cocaine?

Cocaine is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE, regardless of the form! Beer or whisky? How fast do you want to get intoxicated... similar situation. Crack is more intense but lasts just a short time, while insufflated cocaine takes a bit longer to work as it must be absorbed through the sinus tissue and oral mucosa and digested in the stomach.

Were this to be a legal prescription drug (no reason for it to be), it would be in a similar class as an amphetamine I would imagine, a Schedule II narcotic, indicating the potential for abuse and addiction are very high.

Ask an addict, and they will tell you....... the best way to not become addicted to cocaine, or any substance for that matter, is to never try it, especially if you have a family or personal history of addictive behaviors.

I am not sure why this question is being asked, but you will get a lot of information by attending a Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meeting. Meetings are everywhere. You just show up, sit down, and don't have to do anything else but sit there if that's all you want to do. You'll know in a meeting of 2 if you are an addict.