How aids transfer?

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AnswerAids is transfered when people have sex, using a condom greatly reduces the chances of getting aids. Animals cannot get aids and can't transfer it. Aids comes from blood, semen and other bodily fluids. You can't get aids from saliva, so kissing, hugging, handshakes, and just about everything else will not give you aids. If someone has aids, don't worry about it, as long as you don't have sex with them you'll be fine.


Aids can also be transfered by blood. If someone with aids has an open cut, you can only get it if you are to share blood or eat the blood by maybe accedetly mixing it with food but the aids virus can only live for five minutes outside of the body. If you give birth to a child while not having aids, and you some how you obtian it in your blood stream and breast feed the child, it will get aids even though it might have not had aids after birth.

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no, to get aids, you need a fluid transfer (like blood)

Not AIDS, but HIV can transfer through that.

The wind aids in pollination when plants transfer pollen grains. Insects can also help in the transferring of pollen grains.

No aids transmission needs a transfer of bodily fluids.

Yes, by having sexual contact or using same needles with someone with Aids virus.

Aids transfer of vibration to the inner ear.

Aids in the transfer of spermatophores into the female cloaca.

HIV/AIDS is only transferred if it hits directly into your bloodstream. Not even saliva will transfer HIV/AIDS. If the cup is clean, no blood whatsoever, then you're safe.

HIV doesn't transfer via saliva.

AnswerIn Africa AIDS started in the 1900s when wild monkey camein to contact with humansAnswerAIDS stareted in Africa when people came into contact with wild monkeys either blood transfer or sex

You can only get HIV/AIDS by having intimate contact with someone who has the HIV virus and/or AIDS, or by a transfer of blood or other body fluid, such as a stab from a contaminated needle. AIDS is "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome," which is caused by the HIV virus. See the link below for further information. It is very possible to get HIV from someone who has HIV. The only way to get HIV is from someone who has HIV or by transfer of contaminated blood. HIV is different than AIDs because HIV (the virus) causes AIDs (the condition). Sometimes a person can have HIV and never have AIDs, but it is not possible to have AIDs without HIV.

Anal sex is the sex most likely to transfer the virus.

They can transfer a lot of diseases and viruses that are only transferred by blood, such as HIV and AIDS

No. That kind of contact with someone who has HIV could transfer the infection.

Transfer of body fluids. you can also get it by sharing needles or thru sexual contact.

it depends on the ratio of blood to water. more blood= higher chance. if its all blood it is extremely likely

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Aids are viures dieseas and mostly common in the world and it transfer by infacted body to healthy body by different way and now a day it is control by using different madicen it is firstly transfer by monkey to women in u.s.a and if we strikly follow the islamic rule we control this dieseas.

Aids aids aids aids aids aids aids aids

Yes and no. You WILL get HIV, whether or not you get AIDSis another thing entirely. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS is contracted by the transfer of bodily fluids, such as kissing, sharing needles, et cetera, with a person that has the virus. This includes drinking something that has the blood of an infected person in it.For more on HIV and AIDS, contact your doctor.

Yes, it is a rare occurrence called mitochondriatic transfer and it usually happens in africa. It does happen though, and you should see your doctor if you think that is what happened to you.

By having sexual intercourse without protection. People can get AIDS by sexual intercourse or even open wound to open wound with a person who has AIDS. That being one of the reasons why doctors do not reuse needles and wear gloves. Other reasons are for their own safety and the patients safety. Blood is normally tested when donating or receiving blood but you can contract AIDS from the transfer of blood. AIDS is also the progressed stage of HIV. Not everyone that has HIV progresses to AIDS though (being the reason for the term "HIV/AIDS"). So it is possible to contract HIV then it to progress to AIDS.

Wheelchairs, bathing or shower chairs, support chairs, transfer benches, cushions, hand rails, reachers, etc. are all medical aids that would be useful and beneficial to a paraplegic. Such aids like the wheelchair are custom built specifically for the user.

yes, its very possible because you get HIV/AIDs from the transfer of body fluid. You could also get it from "french" kissing, because there is a large transfer of bodily fluids

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