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How and when did Ciara and Bow Wow start dating?


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== == It started in the middle of the summer or that is at least when it was avalible to the public. They met through L.A. Reid. From another FAQ Farmer: Ciara was in a mini-movie for bow wow and from then on they were friends now a couple.


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i wonder who ciara dating now?

Yes, Ciara & Bow Wow began dating in 2005, but their relationship ended in April 2006 due to Bow Wow allegedly cheating on Ciara.

No he is dating Angela Simmons.

Bow Wow dated R&B singer Ciara until early 2006. They are no longer together.

The reason why Ciara broke up with Bow Wow is because he cheated on her with a stripper!!!!!!!!!

no he do not still like ciara I heard that him and Angela rev.runs daughter are now dating.They broke upno ciara isn't pregnant by bow wow

No, Bow Wow still has feelings for Ciara hence the song( Outta my System), but Ciara has moved on, you can tell by listening to(Promise) and (Like A Boy)

yes but they broke up soon after!

No, Bow Wow no longer dates Ciara.His main reason for dating Ciara was because she was the type of girl which every man wanted to date.so he stepped 4ward and dated her maybe for pa mares

(This is a fact!) Bow Wow and Ciara broke up because Bow Wow was cheating on her with a stripper.

Yes. They started dating in 2005.

They are no longer together, but they remain good friends.

Once she was dating Bow Wow, but i think it's over

I think because bow wow was cheating on ciara

Hss bow wow does want ciara back

No,they are no longer dating but he is currently ''seeing'' Russell simmons daughter

i don't think that bow wow is dating Cassie but i do think that Cassie is way better then ciara and that they would make a cute couple

yes, bow wow did kiss ciara they kiss so soft

bow wow cheated on ciara with a stripper

Ciara and Bow Wow broke up because Ciara caught him in the bed with a stripper when he was in Los Angeles.

i dont think so,No they didnt go out long Bow Wow or Ciara have no children !

Bow Wow cheated on her with a stripper.

for sure,i think bow wow love ciara.bow wow was really in love with cici (Ciara).bow wow still love her till this they.

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