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German grammar uses 4 cases - nominative, accusative, genitive and dative. Depending on the case and gender, unser can become unsere, unserer, unseres, unserem, unseren

Unser is used for masculine and neuter singular nouns in the nominative case

Unsere is used for singular female and all plural nouns in the nominative case

Er ist unser Freund - He is our friend(masculine, singular)

Das ist unser Auto - That's our car (neuter, singular)

Sie ist unsere Tochter - She's our daughter (female, singular)

Das sind unsere Fotos - Those are our photos.

unserer is used for singular female nouns in the dative case

unserem is used for masculine and neuter singular nouns in the dative case

Er war mit unserem Vater zusammen - He was with our father (masculine, singular)

Wir fuhren in unserem Auto - we travelled in our car (neuter, singular)

unseren is used for plural nouns in the dative case.

Er hat es von unseren Eltern bekommen - he got it from our parents

unseren is also used for singular masculine nouns in the accusative case

Er hat gegen unseren Vater gespielt - he played against our father

unserer and unseres are used when showing possession

das Haus unserer Eltern - our parents' house (plural)

das Geschenk unserer Mutter - our mother's present (female, singular)

das Auto unseres Bruders - our bother's car (masculine, singular)

die Farbe unseres Autos - the colour of our car (neuter, singular)

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Q: How and when does unser change in German eg unser to unsere?
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