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1. Bailout is a mechanism to strengthen banks' balance sheet so that their credit rating will not deteriorate thus not requiring to pledge additional asset to creditors.

2. It is also a mechanism to safeguard banks from panic withdrawal from depositors.

Bailout comes at a cost (a very huge cost), in dollar term, it was estimated that the whole bailout plan will cost every man, woman and children in the US $2,300.

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Q: How and when will taxpayers be affected on the bailout?
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Will the 700 billion dollars for the bailout come from China?

The bailout did not get through Congress, but no, the money would come from the US taxpayers. Update: The bailout did pass, and the money is coming from the Treasury and Federal Reserve. This could be argued to suggest the money is coming from the taxpayers.

What are the release dates for Fox Business - 2007 Taxpayers Still on the Hook for GM Bailout?

Fox Business - 2007 Taxpayers Still on the Hook for GM Bailout was released on: USA: 25 July 2013

Has Ford changed the price of its vehicles since the automaker bailout?

Ford was one of the very few automakers who did not take any bailout money from the government, thus the bailout has not affected their pricing.

Are there any people or organizations that are actually unhappy about the US Government bailout?

Yes; there is a whole bunch of people who are unhappy about the bailout. Their argument is simple: Why must the government spend the taxpayers' money to help clear up the mess made by the financial gurus of Wall Street.

How were new vehicle sales in the nation affected by the bailout of automakers?

The auto bailout initially had an adverse effect on auto sales. Sales picked up when the government released the cash for clunkers program.

What will the 700 billion dollar bailout solve?

It will solve the economic crisis that has affected the US and the whole world

What is a big bailout?

A system of promotion, stimulation and protection of the organised usury, money changing and financial gambling of any kind by means of transferring all the risks to the borrowers and the taxpayers on the grounds of the inability of the latter to understand what is really going on.

What is the financial bailout package crisis?

There is no such crisis as the financial bailout package crisis. the bailout was created to overcome the financial crisis.

How many votes yes for bailout and how many no for bailout?

205 for it and 228 against it.

What were the major economic events 2008?

The Financial Bailout and the Big 3 bailout

What is the latest bailout plan?

The latest "bailout" is the automotive bailout of the Big Three automakers, Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Legislation was introduced on Dec. 8th.

How much bailout money did FORD receive?

Ford did not receive any bailout money.