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The satellite nations were brainwashed by communism and thought it was better than capitalism. The Soviets created them to serve as a buffer zone against attacks.

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Q: How and why did the Soviets create the satellite states?
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What was the impact of the first satellite being launched?

It made US create NASA to compete with the Soviets.

What was the relationship between the Soviet Union and the nations referred to as satellite states?

Satellite states were nations occupied by the Soviets that remained under Soviet control after the war.

What agency was created after the soviets launched the satellite sputuk?

When the Soviets launched their satellite, named "Sputnik", almost immediately the United States established the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (known as NASA) in July of 1958.

What increased fear of the soviet union in the united states in 1955?

The Soviets announced they had missiles that could carry nuclear weapons anywhere. The Soviets successfully launched the first man-made satellite into space. A test of a satellite by the United States failed. All of the above

What was the satellite that the Soviets launched in 1957?


What agency was created after the soviets launched the satellite sputnik?


What increased fear of the Soviet Union in the US in 1956?

all of the above~apex

6 What were the nations that made up the Soviets satellite nations?

no one knows..

What space exploration began when the soviets launched and the first artificial satellite?


What was the main reason Poland became satellites of the soviet union?

The Soviets wanted Poland to be a satellite and Great Britain and the United States didn't offer much opposition.

Why did the soviets want satellite states?

To provide a military buffer zone as a shield against invasion by other countries. The Russian Tsarist system did the same for the same reason.

When was satellite nations discovered?

Countries that were under the Soviets control during the Cold War.

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