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1,2 million abortions/year.

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Q: How any abortions are performed in the US each year?
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Are abortions dangerous?

Abortions are not risk free. Any medical procedure carries risks. Early abortions are very minor procedures and the risks are minor ones. If you go to Planned Parenthood they can go over the risks involved with you.

Does state insurance cover abortions in Oklahoma?

State insurance does not cover abortions. This goes for Oklahoma and any other state.

Do parents of a pregnant 18 year old have any rights regarding abortions?

No and even if she was under 18 the choice would legally still be hers to make.

Is there any place in ct that does free and safe abortions?

No one does free abortions but safe they do, just go to abortion dot com and you find them all.

How many teenage pregnancies are among Christians?

I can't find any numbers on how many Christian teens that are having abortions but they def exist. 17% of all abortions are had by teens and of all abortions do 43% of women obtaining abortions identify themselves as Protestant and 27% as Catholic. That is the closest I can find.

Did Anais Nin bear any children?

No, but she did however have a few abortions.

how any rubbers are made each year each year?

772,000 metric tons

How many colostomies are performed every year?

Estimates of all ostomy surgeries (those involving any opening from the abdomen for the removal of either feces or urine) range from 42,000 to 65,000 each year; about half are temporary.

You had three abortions would it be harder for you to concieve?

that depends on how you are and when you had the abortions. if you are in your 20's you probably will not have any problems, however, if you are past that age and in your 30's you will have a harder time for sure.

Which county in Iowa has registered the least number of same-sex marriages?

Although the Iowa Department of Health does publish statistics relating to the number of same-sex marriages performed each year in each county in Iowa, for privacy reasons, it does not publish data for counties where three or fewer same-sex marriages have been performed in any given year. See related link below.

Are miscarriages abortions?

In medical terminology, any time a pregnancy is interrupted before term, it is called an abortion because the pregnancy was aborted or stopped. Miscarriage is another term for this, however, it implies natural causes leading to the loss of the pregnancy. Induced miscarriages performed through a woman's right to choose, are also abortions and now this terminology has become associated mostly in lay usage with these elective abortions as opposed to a natural miscarriage. But the terminology that is most appropriate in a medical sense for all interruptions of pregnancies, regardless of the cause, is the term "abortion" and in that use of the words, they mean the same.

Has Barbara windsor got any brothers and sisters?

yes she has been married 3 times and has had 5 abortions