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How are Isolationism and the Great Depression related?


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Isolationism is a CONSEQUENCE of the great depression. After the Great depression many Nations focused on internal affairs.

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Isolationism is being apart from affairs or other interest groups specifically pertaining to politics. The Great Depression had a lot to do with isolationism.

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United States mostly practised isolationism because they did want to participate in Europe war fair and the had Great Depression in their country too so they didn't want to participate in any war fare so they practised isolationism.

The Great Depression and certain consequences from from WWI created a fear of entering another World War so Isolationism was America's best bet. - Dr. Wiener

A production of sales or "bootleg" liquor continued to rise and that's how the Great Depression began.

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They just got out of the Great Depression and they believed getting involved in the War would make situation worse.

The Great Depression was an economic depression from 1930 to the mid-1940s. Anything money related dropped, unemployment rose, construction halted and farming suffered.

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The great depression wasn't until 1929 and lasted years, closer to World War 2. World War I and the great depression weren't directly related to one another.

The United States entered a period of "Isolationism", where they had minimal involvement in foreign affairs. Prohibition and the Great Depression also happened during these years; the Depression was partly caused by Isolationism. Changing conditions showed Americans that they and other countries could not stand alone, and needed to work together.

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1) The consequences of WWI; deaths and loans. 2) The Great Depression 3) Fear of entering another war

Thousands of people die every day, even during the Great Depression.Yes, the Great Depression precipitated many deaths, beginning with the stock market crash, but it would be difficult to say how many could be directly related to the depression.

The book's setting is during the Great Depression. Throughout the book, Harper Lee directly states the hardships that Maycomb is going through.To Kill a Mockingbird is related to the Great Depression, because it takes place during that time. Remember when Atticus quit the farm and went back to school as a lawyer? He did that because during the Depression, farmers were hit the hardest.

After World War I, the US was plunged into the Great Depression. In order to protect its economy and physical security, they had to participate abroad.

A.Loans between countries that were not being repaidB.The crash of the American stock marketC.The Fascist dictatorships in Germany and ItalyD.The increased isolationism of European economies

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Some of the best selling novels about the great depression include The Great Depression, America, The Worst Hard Time, and America's Great Depression.

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