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How are Sacagawea and Pocahontas different?

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Sacagewea helped Lewis and Clark explore and Pocahontas was a native that saved an Englishman's life.

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It's Sacagawea, NOT Pocahontas, and it's worth one dollar.

Some famous American Indian women are Sacagawea and Pocahontas. Sacagawea acted as a guide to Lewis and Clark, and Pocahontas converted to Christianity and traveled to England.

Pontiac Pocahontas Sacagawea (SP?) Squanto Moteczuma Pentaquod

Pocahontas, Sacagawea, Cherrokees, Creeks, Appalachians,

Yes; Sacagawea is just different spelling version of Sacajawea.

how would the world be different with out pocahontas

That's Sacagawea, not Pocahontas, and the coin is worth one dollar.

The US Mint has not issued a dollar coin featuring Pocahontas. If you are refering to the Sacagawea Dollar, in order to give an accurate estimate of worth, the date on the coin must be known. Please examine your coin and then submit a new question. HEllo..My Sacagawea coins are from 1999. What are their worth? Thank you!! Cynthia

Her birth name is Motoak. After she was baptized as a Christian, she was called Rebecca.

It has been theorized, due to family history trees, that there were not of blood relation; but one of Toussaint Charbonneau's relatives was actually Pocahontas' mother. This theory is being currently researched by myself and others in the family tree - as we are related to both of these women.

No one knows exactly what happen to Sacagawea. Many say she died at to different years. 72 years apart.

Pocahontas has never been on a US coin, but Sacagawea is on the dollar coins from 2000 to date. Post a new question and include the date of the coin.

Sacagawea was a very nice woman but, spoke a different language then Lewis and Clark. She was alos nice to her baby, she died when she gave birth.

American education is really failing us.

Sacagawea means a bird women

Yes he did, but not all the same wife. He had 23 children (including pocahontas) all with different women.

who influenced pocahontas who did pocahontas influence

Sacagawea is dead, Sacagawea died in 1812, and was born around 1787.

The story of Pocahontas is a made up one by Smith in a book he wrote after her death in England. I doubt our lives would be any different today if had or hadn’t existed.

No Sacagawea was not deaf

no, Sacagawea did not have a pet

There are three different ways to spell her name: Sakakawea, Sacajawea, Sacagawea. Sakakawea is the one used for the name of Lake Sakakawea in North Dakota.

She was born as Pocahontas. But her real name was Makota.

There are 2 movies. Pocahontas and Pocahontas II

Sacagawea discovers how to be a friend

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