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How are adaptation and variation related?


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October 18, 2009 6:39PM

ADAPTATION- It is the change in the physical appearance and/or the physiological characteristics of an organism upon exposure to different conditions of environment generally the harsher ones ( such as temperature, radiations and the nutrient sources ) . Gradually the immune system of an organism gets acquainted to the new environment and hence it is said to be adapted.

VARIATION- The transmittance of the adaptation to off springs results in new family of a species known as variants . The phenomenon of the generation of a new variant of a species is known as variation .

ADAPTATION is the source of VARIATION.
For examples if you look at the various breeds of canines ( dogs) in the world, they vary though they belong to the same species , this is because of their adaptation to the different prevailing climatic conditions.

The transfer of adapted features such as longer furs (canines in cold climates) and the modified hooked beaks in birds is due to the transfer of adapted traits from the parents to off springs through the vehicles of heredity known as DNA .

The passing on of the adapted traits to the off springs i.e. variation over an observed period is called as the EVOLUTION of a new variety or EVOLUTION .