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How are belladonna alkaloids used as a medication?

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The mostly widely used alkaloid from Atropa belladonna

plants is atropine, which is a tropane alkaloid.

Some of its uses include:

  • Antidote to the toxic effects of cholinesterase inhibitors

    since it is a known anticholinergic, and therefore, prevents the

    toxic effects that can result due to accumulation of acetylcholine

    in the neuromuscular junctions and the parasympathetic nervous


  • Sometimes used by optometrists and opthalmologists as a

    cycloplegic, which paralyzes the accommodation reflex and thus

    induces mydriasis (pupil dilation) during eye examination.

Several belladonna alkaloids as well are used in combination with

phenobarbital to relieve cramping pains, in cases such as irritable

bowel syndrome

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