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They fall from the palm and roll, and as they float they are also dispersed by the sea or ocean.

coconuts have a very hectic and lenghty process of germination. their seeds are dispersed when a coconut falls on the ground. it is then carried away by the water for dipersal to other areas. a coconut seed can remain in hibernation for many years and even after a very long time if it finds the right place and conditions it can undergo germination to form a new coconut tree


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humans. coconuts are dispersed by water

coconuts can be dispersed (travel) bywindwatermechanical propulsionanimal fecesanimal fur/feathersHope this helps! :)

There are five kinds of fruit dispersal, and water dispersal is one of them. A few examples of water dispersed fruits are coconuts, water lilies, mangrove trees, etc...

Coconuts are dispersed by water which they float on, and further along the river/water it is washed onto a different river bank.answer 2 Coconuts can certainly survive an ocean journey, and produce a plant at the chance ending. This accounts for the ocean-edge trees, but it almost certain that all inland trees are the result of deliberate planting by man. It is such a useful plant, that increasing the bounty would be a driver for all but the most unthinking.

Being able to float is an adaptation for seed dispersion. Coconuts float because the wind can't pick them up; nor can they pass through an animal's digestive system; nor can they stick to an animal's fur and be dispersed that way. Coconuts float down a waterway until they implant in the soil and then germinate.

The coconuts themselves are seeds of the palm tree. If coconuts are left undisturbed on the ground, some of them will eventually become partially buried; then the new coconut palm tree sprout will emerge, some of these survive to maturity--a new palm tree. Other coconut seeds are dispersed by water normally sea-water, but sometimes they can find their way into freshwater rivers and streams

Lightweight seeds with a sail shape, such as maple, dandelion, etc. Heavy seeds (walnuts, coconuts, etc) are not moved by wind.

neither. coconuts are not seeds just fruits

Coconuts are the seeds of coconut plams, there is no "cocount bush"

Collective nouns for coconuts are a bunch of coconuts or a cluster of coconuts.

no coconuts are a seed .

Coconuts are tropical...

The amount of coconuts in a bushel will vary depending on the size of the coconuts. If you use average size coconuts, there will be about 20 in a bushel.

Coconuts grow on trees.

coconuts are disposed by water

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Coconuts are the fruit of the coconut palm Cocos nucifera. Not all palms grow coconuts.

Coconuts come from the coconut palm.

Well,Coconuts grow on trees.

No, pearls do not come from coconuts.

Yes coconuts were always on the Earth.

No, coconuts are native of the Philippines.

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