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They are not.

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Q: How are compound inequalities used in real life?
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How compound interest is used in real life?

paying loans

How do you apply Indices in real life?

They are used when calculating areas or volumes, for acceleration, for compound interest.

Is C6h2o6 an organic molecule?

the compound C6H12O6(sugar) IS organic because this compound contains carbon.

Are proportions used in real life?

Proportions are used in real life to determine prices of things.

How are opposites and reciprocals used in real life situations?

Believe it or not, school is a real life situation. If you are using it in school it real life for you.

How is absolute value inequalities used in real life?

Hi, my daughter's math teacher recommended a website to his students. It has a lot of math video lessons on various math topics, including the one you need help with. Please click the below link 'Free absolute value inequalities video'. It is all FREE to use! It was very helpful for my child. Hope it will help you, too. Good luck!

How is a compound used in the real world?

Almost everything you know is a compound. Every plastic item you use is a compound. The computer you used to ask this question is full of different compounds. How a compound is used depends on which compound it is. Since there are thousands of different compounds, I'm not going to even try making a list.

Where trigonometric used in real life?

If you are in school and are studying trig then you are using trig in real life.

How are optical illusions used in real life?

Real useing you house.

Statistics in real life?

Yes, they are used.

How are graphs used in real life?

they are not trust me

How are percentages used in real life?

in offers