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blahahaa culture is shared among people

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Q: How are cultures alike and different?
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How were city states alike and different?

The city's and states were alike because they had population and development of growth, and they were different because the people had different cultures.

Are the world's many cultures more alike or more different?


How are instruments similar even though there are different cultures?

well you see they are alike because some cultures are alike i hope that your an sered your question if not I'm terribly sorry

How are African and American culture alike?

cause they have two different and very distant cultures

How are cultures alike or different?

People have different religions which they do different things, and example Christians celebrate Christmas while Jewish people do not instead they celebrate Hanukkah.

Are people more alike than they are different or are people more different than they are alike?

I think that no one is the same because everyone has there own rights and they all look different because they all have different parents. Also people from other cultures are not the same.

How are hellenic and Hellenistic cultures different and alike?

They were alike in that they were all heavily influenced by hundreds of years of Greek culture, art and philosophy. But Hellenic (that is, Greek) culure and Hellenistic cultures were different in that Hellenic culture kept its true, traditional forms while Hellenistic cultures in other countries were only an influence on local culture, art and philosophy but did not replace it. Each and every "Hellenistic" country was different from another by also staying faithful to much of its own traditions in philosophy and art.

How are the cultures in the Middle East alike?

share the same beliefs

How are Cultures alike?

D. They both exist inside a larger culture.

How is US and Germany similar?

they are alike by there cultures maybe beliefs and the people

Why are no two cultures the same?

No two cultures are the same because different cultures do different things.

How are unit fractions alike and different?

The answer depends on what they are meant to be alike and different from!