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If your color blindness is genetic (as opposed to having been caused by trauma or neurological issues), the only part of the eye 'affected' would be the cones, that part of the eye responsible for discerning color.

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Is plant growth affected by color of light?

Plant growth is affected by the color of different lights. For example, the wavelength of light affects the photosynthesis in plants. Different colors encourages different parts of the plants to grow.

What do people affected with sickle cell suffer with?

Major pain in different parts of body

Different thin colors of people living in different parts of the world can be an adaptation?

yes skin color is an adaptation

How did Eli Whitney's interchangeable parts affect American industry?

His interchangeable parts affected the American industry because it would work on many different items.

What is the color of the blood as its enter the heart from the different parts of the body?

pango ....... boang hehhehehehehehe

How was apache Indian clothing affected by climate and natural resources?

different parts of india has different climatic conditions .india has a subtropical climatic conditions

What colors are absorbed by plants?

Different plants absorb different colors. Even different parts of plants absorb different colors. The color you see the plant as is the color being reflected rather than absorbed by the plant.

What parts of Ukraine were affected during the war?

ALL parts

What parts of the world are affected by diabetes?

There is no part of the world that is not affected by diabetes.

Are only living parts of an ecosystem are affected by the energy from the sun correct or incorrect?

They are not only affected by the suns energy.Nonliving parts do to

Why does each man have the wrong idea about the elephant?

Each man has the wrong idea about the elephant as they are blind and feel the different parts of the elephant's body.

What are the different parts of paint?

The pigment, or color, and the binder, or the stuff that makes the paint stiick to objects.

What parts in Europe did not get affected by plague?

the parts of europe that did not get affected were these but i only got 2 like new zealand and india and russia

What parts of the body are affected by lung cancer?

The lungs are affected by lung cancer

What parts of the body does epileptic seizure affect?

The brain is the only area affected by Epilepsy. As the brain controls many other parts of the body, other things can then be indirectly affected, like the nervous system, which is why shaking is sometimes associated with epilepsy. Seizures affect different people in different ways, so not everyone shakes when they have a seizure.

What parts of the body is affected if you have epilepsy?

Epilepsy affects the brain. This in turn can lead to involuntary movements in different parts of the body during a seizure, but only because of the unusual brain activity during one. The rest of the body is not affected independently of the brain or directly by Epilepsy.

What is lewy dementia?

lewy is different parts of the brain which may have been affected. ie... the memory part, or speech part or co-ordination part, sum times only parts of the brain is affected in dementia,not all but sadly in many cases it is all of the brain

What body parts are affected when having emphysema?

The lungs are the primary organ affected by emphysema.

What parts of the body are affected by rabies?


What body parts get affected by hepatitis?


What parts of the body is affected by bronchitis?


Why objects have color?

Nothing has "color". Color is a mental code for describing various frequencies of visible light. We think things are "colored" because objects reflect different parts of white light.

What 2 parts of the body systems are affected by alcohol?

Due to excessive alcohol consumption it affects all parts of body but the two parts of body that are mainly affected by alcohol are stomach and liver.

What parts of the body silicosis affects?

wich body parts and organs are affected by silicosis

Which parts of the body are affected by drinking alcohol?

Alcohol enters most parts of the body.

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