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How are electoral college electorals chosen?

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Whoever has the most money and support from the electors..........Socialism

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How is a president chosen?

A president is technically chosen by the Electoral College. The electoral college is chosen by the people of the United States.

What college is the president chosen by?

The president is chosen by an electoral college.

The president is chosen by an what college?

electoral college

What is the purpose of the eletoral college?

The purpose of the electoral college is to guarantee the presidential election process is fair based on the number of electorals represented and designated in each state

The president is chosen by what college?


How can a candidate win a popular vote but lose a electoral vote?

A candidate can win a popular vote by appealing to the state, but can lose a electoral vote by the electoral college deciding against him or her. the electoral college takes the popular votes and makes their vote, determining the new president. for example if Ohios popular vote was for Obama, the electorals would see that and would most likely pick Obama for their vote, but in the past the electorals have gone against the popular vote.

How are the 55 electoral college chosen in calfornia?

The people that are elected into the electoral college in California are chosen by people writing their names onto the ballet. They are chosen by the people of CA.

How is a president chosen when none of the candidates receives a majority of the electoral college vote?

How is a president chosen when none of the candidates receives a majority of the electoral college vote

How electors to the electoral college chosen?

Electors to the Electoral College are chosen differently in each states. In some states the electors are elected during the party conventions.

How is the electorial college chosen?

They electoral college is chosen when you vote for your Congressperson. The people who are your Representatives and Senators are the votes.

Members of the electoral college are chosen by whom?


What is the method by which the president is officially chosen?

The electoral college.

What is electing the President?

The US President is chosen by the Electoral College

Who was the first president chosen by the Electoral college?

George Washington

When is the president of the US chosen?

When the votes of the electoral college are counted.

Is the president chosen by most votes or electoral college?

By the electoral college, though it usually (not always) falls in line with the popular vote.

What determines how the electorals vote?

Each state gets there own set number of electoral votes. If a candidate wins in that state, they get the electoral votes of that state.

How are California electoral college electors chosen?

in a ballot vote

Who appoints the electoral college?

Electors of the Electoral College in the United States are chosen by the respective political parties. The actual process varies from state to state.

The president is chosen by an?

The president is elected by the electoral college. Two hundred seventy electoral votes are needed to get elected.

Is the electoral college used for electing the president?

In the US, the president is officially elected by the electoral college which is made up of the electors chosen from each state and DC.

The Constitutional Convention decided that the chief executive would be chosen by the?

Electoral College

What are the elected officials who are chosen by the electoral college?

They elect the president and vice-president.

Why is the president chosen by electoral vote?

The electoral college system was an attempt by the founders to build in another form of checks and balances.

What is electoral college voting?

The electors of the electoral college officially elect the president. They pledge their vote in advance so once the electors are chosen the outcome of their vote is not in doubt.