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Q: How are executive agreement an example of presidential freedom of action?
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What did the reorganization act of 1939 do?

The Reorganization Act of 1939 allowed the President the freedom to reorganize the presidential staff and the executive branch. It also created the new role of Executive Office of the President.

What was of part of presidential Wilson's new freedom plan?

what was part of presidential Wilson's New Freedom plan

What was part of presidential Wilson's new freedom plan?

what was part of presidential Wilson's New Freedom plan

Which musician won a 2011 presidential medal of freedom award?

Bob Dylan won a 2011 Presidential Medal of Freedom award.

What awards did Jesse Jackson get?

He won the Presidential Award of Freedom in 2000.

What animal can represent a presidential democracy?

An eagle is often used to symbolize a presidential democracy. Eagles are seen as majestic and powerful creatures, symbolizing strength and freedom, which are values associated with a presidential democracy. Additionally, the bald eagle is the national bird of the United States, a prominent example of a presidential democracy.

Did Barbara Jordan win that Medal of Freedom?

Yes, she did win the presidential medal of freedom.

What has the author Glenn P Hogan written?

Glenn P. Hogan has written: 'The Presidential Medal of Freedom' -- subject(s): Presidential Medal of Freedom, Biography

How can you describe three freedoms protected by the bill of rights?

freedom from taxation by royal (executive) prerogative, without agreement by Parliament (legislators), freedom from a peace-time standing army, freedom [for Protestants] to bear arms for their defence, as allowed by law, freedom to elect members of Parliament without interference from the Sovereign, freedom of speech in Parliament, freedom from cruel and unusual punishments and excessive bail, and freedom from fines and forfeitures without trial.

Ronald Regan Awarded Paul Bear Bryant the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his coaching achievements?

He was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Reagan posthumously in 1983

The highest honor that the U.S. government can give civilian is the what?

Medal of Freedom for Civilians

What is the Presidential Medal of Freedom a freedom from?

It refers to the Freedom that got the American people when they independized from the United Kingdom. The Freedom that allowed the formation of the United States of America.