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How are ferns and conifers alike?

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They both produce don't produce flowers. They are both very old.

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ferns and conifier both are ever green plants

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How are conifers and ferns alike?

They are both vascular plants and they are living organisms.

In what ways are ferns and conifers alike?

they are both vascular plants and both living organisms

In what ways are ferns and conifers unlike?

Ferns and conifers are alike in many ways, such as they release spores in reproduction. But they are unlike in the following ways: * Ferns are ground plants, while conifers are trees * They are sometimes found in different environments - ferns can survive in different environments than conifers can * Conifersophyta the correct name means pine these include moat pine tree - the ones you use at chrismas

In what ways are ferns and conifers different?

conifers produce seeds from narrow needles, ferns do not

How are ferns and mosses different from conifers?

how do the spores of conifers differ from those of mosses and ferns

What is different about ferns and conifers?

Ferns do not flower and are propagated by spores. Conifers are propagated by seeds.

How Conifers are different from ferns in that conifers do not have leaves?

Ferns reproduce by spores. Conifers reproduce by seeds. The way they reproduce mainly determines their group. Differences also exist in the root and stem structure. Neither ferns nor conifers have true leaves. Ferns jave fronds and most conifers have needles.

How are flowering plants conifers and ferns different?

conifers are flowering plants

How are ferns and conifers alike in two ways?

They both are vascular plants and they both have tubes that carry the water and nutrients long distances through the plant. They do have significant difference, however. Conifers can be tall wooden tress. Ferns are smaller brush type of plant growths.

Which of these is a seed plants horsetails mosses ferns conifers?

Horsetails produce seeds while mosses, ferns, and conifers produce spores.

What is dominated by narrow leaf conifers mosses and ferns?

Most of the middle Himalayan hills are dominated by narrow leaf conifers, mosses and ferns.

How are conifers and ferns different?

Connifers reproduce by seeds. Ferns reproduce by spores

Which group of plant would have DNA that is most similar to the DNA of flowering plants?

mossesfernsconifers (correct answer)they would all be equally alike

What is another name for ferns?

I think they're conifers

Are ferns gymnosperms?

Ferns are not gymnosperms. Gymnosperms are divided into 4 groups,cycads,ginkgoes,gnetophytes,and conifers.

What sorts of plants were there in the carboniferous period?

conifers ang ferns

What plants were in the Jurassic period?

it has ferns, ginkgo trees,cycads and conifers.

What prehistoric plants lived in the mesozoic era?

Here are a list of prehistoric plant groups that lived during the Mesozoic: TRIASSIC Cycadeoids Cycads Ferns Tree ferns Conifers JURASSIC Cycadeoids Cycads Ferns Tree Ferns Conifers Gingkoes CRETACEOUS Cycadeoids (died out somewhat before the end of the Cretaceous) Cycads Ferns Tree Ferns Conifers Gingko Palm Trees Grasses (at the edge of water) Magnolids (a group of trees whose surviving members include magnolias, laurels, and avocado trees)

What are the four main plant kingdoms?

Ferns, Mosses, Flowering Plants, and Conifers :)

Which plants do not have a flower?

Conifers, ferns, mushrooms, algae, kelp, and seaweed do not have a flower.

What are the features between conifers and ferns?

The feature between conifers and ferns are that they both are vascular plants the grown in a humid temperate environment. They differ in that a conifer is a seed producing plant and the fern more primitive reproduces with spores.

Example of kingdom plantae?

Flowering plants, conifers, ferns, mosses, and green algae.

What are the similarities and differences between ferns and mosses?

mosses and ferns are alike because they are grown from spores

Which plants are found in English forest?

Conifers, Ferns and Flowering plants are found in English Forest.

What plant was there when there were dinosaurs?

Ginko trees, ferns, cycads, conifers, and during the Cretaceous, flowering plants.