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Q: How are fig tree adapted to environment?
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Why is a maple tree adapted to its environment?

Anything that isn't adapted to its environment is unlikely to survive very long.

How is the eucaliptus tree adapted to its environment?

Is it barrier on top of it

How has the mahogany tree adapted to its environment?

The mahogany tree is adapted to its environment in various ways. For instance, it has a fruiting body which protects the young seed until they get to maturity.

Can you name a plant that has adapted to its environment?


How are monkeys adapted to their environment?

They have Long, Flexible tails, to swing from tree to tree.

How the howler monkey is adapted to its environment?

beacuse it has special thunb to swinh tree to tree

How has the baobab tree adapted to its environment?

By eating oranges and potatoes

How is an quiver tree adapted to its dry environment?

i dont know

Is a fig tree a fruit tree?

yes a fig tree is a fruit tree

What are the adaptations of a fig tree?

fig fig fig fig

Is a fig tree an angiosperm or gymnosperm?

A fig tree is an angiosperm

How is a maple tree adapted to it's environment?

A maple tree has adapted to its environment by being able to take water from water formations around them and save it for winter. They also get rid of leaves in the winter so all of the water can stay in the roots.

What us the life span of a fig tree?

what is the life span of a FIG Tree

When was Fig Tree Bridge created?

Fig Tree Bridge was created in 1885.

Ways that the sugar glider has adapted to suit their environmemt?

The Sugar Glider adapted to its environment by growing a gliding membrane (patagium), much like that of a flying squirrel, to help it glide from tree to tree.

How can environmental changes cause species to go extinct?

Every species has a particular environmental adaptation. An animal might be adapted to cold weather, and if the weather gets warmer, the animal will no longer be well adapted to its environment (or will have to move to a different, colder environment if one can be found). If a fish is adapted to fresh water, but the water becomes salty, then the fish is no longer adapted to its environment. A bird species might be adapted to nest in a particular kind of tree, and if that tree is cut down and ceases to be available, the bird will have nowhere to nest.

What does a strangler fig do?

the strangler fig climbs onto another tree and strangles it until it dies and then the fig is attached to the dead tree

How has the acacia tree adapted to its environment?

Although you can't see them the roots of the acacia tree have adapted so that they reach down to moisture. The leaves of an acacia tree have adapted to the Savanna by being small and wax covered to cut down water loss.

What does the strangler fig do to the tree?

The strangler fig tree climbs its way around the host tree competing with it for nutrients and sunlight. Eventually it will cover the host tree fully and the host tree will die. The strangler fig tree will end up hollow.

Where can you purchase a fig tree?

A fig tree can be purchased from many online virtual garden centers or or fig tree suppliers. Examples are Gardens for you, Wills Orchard company or Aarons Farm.

What is the scientific name for a fig tree?

A fig tree is the name for a genus of trees called Ficus.

What is a fig tree used for?

To make fig newtons.

How does a strangler fig kill a tree?

It climbs up it using its roots to get to sunlight in the canopy. Eventually the strangler fig tree will strangle the host tree to death and only the hollow strangler fig will be left.

What is a South African fig tree called?

Sycomore Fig

What tree has the deepest roots?

Fig tree