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An independent variable is the variable that was changed. The dependant is what was measured.

Eg. If you filled 3 cups of water - one with 1/4 of a cup, one with half a cup and one with 3/4 of a cup. Then you grab a spoon to find the highest note, then the amount of water is the independent variable and the sound is the dependant.

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Independent and dependent are types of what?

Independent and dependent are types of variables. These variables are used mostly in science and math. When using independent variables you can control them dependent variables you cannot.

What are the independent and dependent variables in an experiment?

The independent variable can be located on the x-axis, it also means its the thing in the experiment that you change. The dependent variable is located on the y-axis, and is what you are using to measure your independent variable.The independent variable is a variable that changes.The dependent variable is a variable that is measured and used for data.

What is dependent and independent variable of fermentation?

The answer depends on the experiment. Possible variables are: the substance being fermented, the yeast used, exposure to oxygen, time, sugar levels, alcohol levels, temperature. Any of these can be independent variables. The sugar and alcohol levels can be dependent variables.

What are the independent and dependent variables of the experimental group and the control group?

independent variables are the variable in the experiment that are not changed; the dependent variable is dependent on the change, they are the variable that are experimented on. The experimental group is the one that is being tested on. the control group is used as a basis for what changes are taking place

Within the framework of an experiment how do you describe the independent variable dependent variable and the controlled variables?

When performing an experiment the independent variable is the variable that the experiment is testing, for example if you are testing how light affects plant growth the amount of light is the independent variable. The controlled variables are the variables that remain the same throughout the experiment so the type and amount of dirt, the type of plant used, the amount of water etc...

What is an Dependent varible?

Variables used in an experiment or modelling can be divided into three types: "dependent variable", "independent variable", or other.The "dependent variable" represents the output or effect, or is tested to see if it is the effect.The "independent variables" represent the inputs or causes, or are tested to see if they are the cause. Other variables may also be observed for various reasons.

What is an independent variable?

An independent variable is the variable that the scientist changes, and the dependent variables are the variables that the scientist doesn't control. So that would mean that the independent variable is typically the variable being manipulated or changed and the dependent variable is the observed result of the independent variable being manipulated. The independent variable in a science experiment is the variable that you change on purpose. The independent variable is the variable that scientists manipulate in an experiment in order to determine its effect on a dependent variable. For example, if you wanted to see what affected frog deformities, you would set up an experiment where you would have frogs placed in the same environments as each other, except for one variable (independent) that is different. Let's say the control group gets exposed to all the same food, temperature, length of daylight, population density, etc., as the experimental group. The experimental group has the amount of UV exposure varied. The UV exposure (independent variable) would be used to determine its effects on frog deformities (dependent variable).

What are the variables for milk making plastic?

The independent variable in milk making plastic experiment is vinegar. The dependent variable is the milk and the controlled variables are the materials used for comparison that all remained same during the experiment. e.g. bowl , water etc.

Where are the dependent and independent variables located on a graph explain with example?

The independent variable (such as time) is places on the x-axis of a graph. Always place the things that will never change on the x-axis. The dependent variable is then placed on the y-axis. The difference between the independent and dependent variable is that the independent variable in an experient does not change it is what stays constent, it is what is used to measure the dependent variable. On the other hand the dependent variable is what the experiment is testing for and what depends on the independent variable.

What is dependent variables?

A dependant variable is a term used in science to identify the response that is measured in an experiment. When a researcher conducts an experiment, he is interested in the outcome, defined as the dependent variable.

How are dependent and independent variables used in an experiment?

The dependent variable changes as a result in changes in the independent variable. Think of the growth of plants depending on time or how your grade on a test depends upon the amount of time you study. Experiments often have time as the independent variable. Remember the independent variable (like time) goes on the x-axis.

Can a quantitative study have an independent and dependent variables?

Yes. The presumed cause is the independent variable and the presumed effect is the dependent varibale. Variablility in the dependent variable is presumed to depend on variablility in the independent variables. It is used more of a direction of influence rather than a cause and effect scenario. Ex. need for increased assistance is dependent on decrease in health. Health is the independent variable and assistance is the dependent.

What is a n independent variable?

an independent variable is a figure usually shown as a letter that is used in the scientific theory. An independent variable is used in a hypothesized experiment in which this variable is unchanged and is used to effect the dependent variable somewhere in the experiment.

What is the differences between dependent variables and controlled variables in an experiment?

Controlled variables are things that may effect the outcome of an experiment, like temperature are pressure or the amount of some substance used. Dependent variables are those which change due to the conditions mentioned above. These might be speed of the reaction, or the quantity of some product.

Which term describes a type of independent variable used to compare differences in dependent variables?

experimental control

Does the way the equal sign is used change which variables are dependent and independent?

No, but take for example the equation { y=x^2 +5 } y is dependent on x and x is independent, nothing you do to it, rearrange whatever will change the fact that x is independent and y is dependent

What is a dependent variable?

MathematicsY is often used as the "dependent variable" which changes as the independent variable (X) changes, according to the defined function y = f(x).ExperimentationThe dependent variable is what will change in the experiment, based on changes made to the independentvariable. The constant or controlled variable is maintained so that the outcome is dependent on the changes to the factor being studied.Example : Determining growth of bacteria in various aqueous nutrient solutions.The growth rate (what you measure) is the dependent variable.The amount of a nutrient added is the independent variable.The temperature and humidity are the controlled variables, which are kept the same.Example: Time is an independent variable, no matter how fast you are going, the amount of time does not change over a specific interval. Distance is a dependent variable. The distance travelled is dependent on how fast you are going over that same interval.A dependent variable is a value that receives its magnitude due to the magnitude of the other variables in the "equation" or "test" or "experiment".* * * * *In many situations, though, there is no independent variable but two [inter-]dependent variables. This is particularly true of systems in which there is some sort of feedback. For example, changes in the rate of inflation affects the rate of unemploment and changes in the rate of unemployment affects inflation.A dependent variable is what you measure in the experiment and what is affected during the experiment.

What are the uses of bar graph?

bar graphs are used to compare the relationship in two variables usually in dependent and independent

How is identifying and controlling variables important in planning an experiment?

It is important to identify and control variables in an experiment because then you can find an answer to a question. You have to have controlled variables so that some things stay constant and your experiment won't be totally different every time you do it, (you have to have only one changing, or independent variable at a time). When you have only one independent variable at a time you can isolate the change to the dependent variable. If you have more than one thing changing at one time you cannot know for sure that the dependent variable was only changed by the change in the independent variable because other things were changing as well. Hopefully this makes sense, I know I used the word "changed" A LOT ;)

What are the advantages of regression over correlation?

Correlation is a measure of association between two variables and the variables are not designated as dependent or independent. Simple regression is used to examine the relationship between one dependent and one independent variable. It goes beyond correlation by adding prediction capabilities.

What is a Cartesian graph used for?

To illustrate the relationship between one or more dependent variables and a variable (often an independent variable).

Is the independent variable changed?

In an experiment your independent variable does change to what you choose. An example would be an experiment testing to see if the amount of water in a pot effects the amount of time it takes for the water to boil. Your independent variable would be the different amounts of water used. Your dependent variable would be the time because it depends on the independent variable (the amount of water used) . Your constant would be the temperature because it is not changed throughout the experiment, and thus remains constant. This way you can isolate which changes affect which variables.

What type of variables are held constant in an experiment?

The CONTROL is the part of the experiment where nothing is done to it. This is used as a comparison to the experimental group. In the experimental group, the independent variable is the thing you are observing. The dependent variable is the thing you are measuring. It depends on the independent variable.For example, if I wanted to see if a duck had more of her ducklings survive when she was accompanied by a drake, my CONTROL would be a duck with no drake,my independent variable would be the presence of a drake with a duck, and my dependent variable would be number of ducklings that survive.

What are the variables used in an science fair project?

A well designed science fair project should have one independent variable, one dependent variable, and lots of factors that are held constant as you repeat the experiment several times to verify your results.

WHEN are the words independent and dependent used to describe related variables?

If there are two variables X and Y such that changes in the value of X cause changes in the value of Y but changes in Y do not cause changes in X, then X is the independent variable and Y is the dependent variable.However, if changes in the value of X cause changes in the value of Y and changes in Y cause changes in X, then both X and Y are dependent variables.