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Q: How are infrared rays given off by earths surface at night?
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Which point on earths surface experiences night for 24 hours every day?

There is no point on the earths surface that experiences night for 24 hours every day.

Which type of waves are used in technological devices such as night vision goggles or heat -seeking missiles?


Are 'infrared light' and 'night vision' the same thing?

NO Infrared light show the heat of the body

What is the type of remote sensing imagery best suited to use at night?

Thermal infrared.

How is infrared radiation used for?

Infrared is heat. When you feel the warmth of a space heater, you feel the effect of infrared radiation. The other uses are motion detection (infrared sensor) and night-vision (live animals have a heat signature, a blurred image, against a colder background at night). ======================

What do night vision cameras use?

infrared spectrum

Parts of a infrared night vision camera?


What is a sentence using the word infrared?

Some night vision goggles detect the infrared signatures of people and objects. Heat travels from a fireplace as infrared radiation.

Why are infrared sensors useful at night?

Infrared is heat and during the day other objects are hot besides bodies

Will a camcorder with the night shot function on see with an infrared torch like you would with the infrared light on the camera?

Yes it will

Are fish attracted to infrared light?

want to know if fishes are attracted to infrared light as i want to record a video underwater at night and wanting to use infrared light

Why are infrared sensors more useful at night?

Infrared is heat and during the day other objects are hot besides bodies