How are laws of the land different to school and sports rules?

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If you break a certain school, you might get punishment like detention, demerits, scolded are teacher/principal, etc. Breaking the sport rules, might just lead you to not join the part of the game, and you might be ending up with the same punishments which apply for breaking school rules. These types of punishments are not too severe. On the other hand, if you break a certain law of the land, you might get punishment like being fined with a lot of money, sentences to jail for number months or years. These punishments are very harsh and severe.
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Are rulings by the US Supreme Court considered the 'Supreme Law of the Land'?

Answer Yes, when you argue a case in court you have to cite legal precedents. The Constitution and the laws passed by Congress along with the interpretations of those laws by the Court (all Courts, not just the Supreme Court) constitute the law. When courts disagree or a decision is appealed t ( Full Answer )

Why was the teaching of Creation Science in schools rejected by the Law of the Land?

Creation science From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Legal definition, creation science found not to be science Thevarious state laws prohibiting teaching of evolution werechallenged in 1968 at Epperson v. Arkansas which ruled that theywere unconstitutional, and the creationist movement turned top ( Full Answer )

Explain how Newton's laws can be applied to different sports?

Newton's 2nd law can be applied to many sports.. If you are playing soccer the more force you exert during the kick the faster the acceleration which means that when the ball leaves your foot it is going faster allowing it to go further. (The bigger the force the greater the acceleration and the ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between a Law and a rule?

A rule is something that must be abided by some people. A law has to be abided by every person in that country (appart from the Monarch in many countries, such as the United Kingdom)

What is the difference between rules and laws?

The difference between a law and a rule is that laws are enforced by the police and are therefore just legal rules. Although there are rules and regulations that are needed to follow in a society, they are distinguished by who are responsible for them and how they are formed. In many cases, the seve ( Full Answer )

How is law different from non-legal rules?

law is set of rules enforced by the government and non legal rules are a set of rules not enforced by the government but enforced by a paticular institutation ( a football club, school, any sports club ) therfore if this laws are broken you can not be taken to court but would have consequences withi ( Full Answer )

Difference between rules and laws?

rules- example: Rules of chess, simple rules of a classroom. (Rules are more of a game type thing) laws- laws of the speed limit, laws saying you cant copy money. (Laws are more of a federal thing)

Basic difference between rules regulations and bye laws?

A rule is something that is made up to comply with a certainsituation, like a rule that says every Thursday, students at aschool must wear red shoes. A regulation is a law that is usuallypunishable by a fine or other means. A bylaw is a rule to followwithin a specific group, like the chairman of a g ( Full Answer )

Why are there different Islamic law schools?

How and why did the four Madhahib - the Hanafi, Shafi'i, Maliki and Hanbali - emerge and evolve? Why do Muslims follow one school in one country and another school in another country? Why this lack of uniformity? . As long as the Prophet -peace be upon him- was with the Ummah, he was the Imam. Mus ( Full Answer )

Explain how Newton's 2nd law can be applied to different sports?

Newton's 2nd law can be applied to different sports in countlessways. In impact sports like football and hockey, the force ofimpact of a player whose mass is larger, will be larger. Anotherexample is the projectile motion of a ball can be predicted usingthe weight of the object, which is a mass time ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between law and rule?

the meaning of law means something very positive and also something the government use for us to be safe, while rules means like for an example in the classroom you have a classroom rules why? so that we will be safe and not hurt each other and be generosity theses are some classroom rules you will ( Full Answer )

What What is the difference between rules and law?

rules are things you should obey and the law is something you must obey. the law is set by the government and it is illegal to break it. not so much for rules, which are still important, but are usually set by people for health, safety, etc. it is not illegal, as such, to break the rules, although i ( Full Answer )

Define law according to different school of thought?

Holmes belongs to the realist school of thought and he defined law as 'the prophecies of what the courts will do in fact and nothing more pretentious are what i mean by the law'

What does the fair rule of copyright law mean for middle school children?

Under the "fair use" rule of copyright law, an author may make limited use of another author's work without asking permission. Fair use is based on the belief that the public is entitled to freely use portions of copyrighted materials for purposes of commentary and criticism. The fair use privilege ( Full Answer )

Why do you think people in different communities around the world have different rules and laws?

This question bears directly on the concepts of Community and Customs. These conditions tend to have a positive feedback component in their operation. They tend to self-stability . It takes a crisis to change the order . e.g. Germany had to be defeated in order to root out the horrible poli ( Full Answer )

Different between common law and rule of law?

Common law originated in England and and was later adopted in the U.S.. Common law is based on precedent (legal principles developed in earlier case law) instead of statutory laws . It is the traditional law of an area or region.. The "rule of law" is a concept which is based on the premise that ( Full Answer )

What are the rules for sports?

Sports are a vital part of life. And in all of them sports rules need to be firmly followed especially if we talk concerning safety In the early19th century when Extreme Sports was a well liked game have a set of rules but, without any referee to execute or impose these rules. Such rules in those ti ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between customs rules and laws?

Laws: Rules of behavior enforced by sanctions and imposed on members of society by a sovereign authority. Rule: guide to behavior, possibly enforced by sanctions, imposed within a group. Custom: A traditional of expected way of behaving.

How are rules different from laws?

First, everybody has their own rules under there on house. Everybody needs to follow the same laws that the government gives them or, the people will go to jail.

What is the difference between rule of law and rule by law?

Rule of Law is a state of order in which events conform to the law.As we can see from Dicey's 3 main concept of Rule of Law, we canconclude that rule of law means everyone is equal to the law,including the executive, judiciary and legislation. The law is thesupreme authority and no one can go above ( Full Answer )

If you major in law or go to a law school for college will there be time for sports?

Law school is graduate school, and is attended after completion of a 4 year bachelor's degree. Collegiate athletics are played while you are completing your 4-year degree. Law schools give considerable weight to high grades when considering applicants, but also consider extracurricular activities, s ( Full Answer )

What are the similarities between Hammurabi's laws and school rules?

The similarity is be responsible and accountable for your actions. An example:One Hammurabi law stated if a building fell and injured or killed the occupant,the builder was directly accountable and could have a member of their own family sacrificed for the shoddy construction

What is the difference between high school baseball rules and little league rules?

There are several things different in the two. Little league Dixie Youth has a set of rules. Dizzy Dean (different age groups) have different rules. The difference will be seen moving more toward Major League baseball but not entirely! Examples: 1. Balk-High school has them little league 10U d ( Full Answer )

What are the different schools of thought or theories in criminal law?

In criminal law there are many schools of thought and theories that conflict depending on which area you are referring to. There are basic sides of criminal law the prosecution and the defense and with those divides there are many different theories of how to handle evidence, testimony, interviewing ( Full Answer )